Live Event



Throwing a party? Count us in! Whether you're graduating, retiring, reuniting with family members, or simply growing another year older, we can't wait to help you commemorate the special moment.




All your planning has paid off. Whether you're throwing a house party or hosting a grand event, it's time for you to revel in the fun. Let us take care of documenting your (possibly handcrafted) decor and your happy guests (possibly dancing the night away).

Share the fun

Let us in on the details! Is this is a dignified ceremony or your best-kept secret? Fill us in on just what kind of finished product you're looking for and which moments should be labeled "must-capture."

It's time to celebrate


We'll take your photos/footage and make you and your guests look like celebrities at a black-tie event. Then, it's up to you to share it with all your friends. You can relive the celebration again and again while those who weren't able to attend can experience it for the first time.


We offer high quality photo, video, and audio for both serious artists and budding performers. Here are a few scenarios in which our services would benefit you:

  • the band you're in has scored the gig of a lifetime
  • your daughter is performing in her first piano recital
  • the drama department at your school is putting on a Broadway musical
  • you're a first-chair violinist and your symphony orchestra is about to give the world a lesson in classical music
  • as an event planner, you're hosting a talent show / music festival / charity concert / something awesome that involves performers
  • you're singing in a coffee shop

And we're sure there are plenty more, so just let us know what you need. Whether you only want photos, a quick video, a crisp sound recording, or a combination of the three, we can make it happen.