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Live Production


Ivory sky media now offers live streaming for business events

When utilizing live streaming, your company can broadcast company-wide or even to a worldwide audience via internet web services like Facebook, YouTube, and more. You can use live streaming to cut costs and train your employees from anywhere, giving your employees the same material all at the same time.

Live streaming is easy to integrate into any existing video production. All you need is access to a constant source of internet (like ethernet, wifi, or hot spot), then select the number of cameras you'd like to stream from and go!

Great for:

  • Product launches
  • Conference presentation where not all employees can attend
  • Addressing employees in real time
  • Celebrations
  • Keynote speakers


Also available: live switching


Our live switching feature is great for conferences and presentations. Live switching is similar to what you would see at a sporting event. It uses multiple camera angles and switches live between the cameras. This means that by the time the presentation is done so is your video! You will receive an SD card with the video that was recorded including footage from all the cameras. You can add text, graphics, overlays, and a feed from your PowerPoint presentation. This means that there is no wait time between the end of event and when you receive your video.



Live switching can also be combined with live streaming to allow you to live stream the event while it is being live switched!


perks of live switching:

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Video is ready by the time the event is over
  • Don't have to wait for post-production turnaround time
  • No additional editing costs 







Conferences are an important aspect of many businesses. However, often times only a few employees can attend. We can help make sure your entire company aligns on vital content that needs to disseminate across the company.

Live streaming and switching is perfect for all of your conferences needs. However, we do provide standard filming and editing of conferences for you if you aren't interested in our live production options.


teleprompter services

Useful for speeches and presentations

Our teleprompter services can save you time and give you a more professional look. Using a teleprompter can keep your presentation on track when talking for a long period of time on video.

A teleprompter is helpful for more than just presenting in front of a large crowd. A teleprompter has been used in many of our videos to help the on screen talent remember what he or she is going to say. It also saves time and money by not needing many takes to get it right. 

Add images, color, and slides to your presentation

We use top quality teleprompter equipment for our services. The camera is fitted with a cover over the lens that has a mirror attached to it so the presenter can see the presentation but it doesn't show up on the footage. What makes our teleprompter even more advanced is the ability to display more than words on the screen. It displays selectable full color text, images, and even presentation slides. Therefore, we can show a whole PowerPoint presentation from the teleprompter screen.

This technology allows the presenter to look straight into the camera while also being able to read their speech. It provides a much more natural look and gives the speaker confidence that they won't lose their place.

Event Coverage

Event coverage

Photo and video for all your company events from holiday parties to team building

Do you wish you could show how fun your company events are to prospect employees? 

Allow us to fix this problem for you! We can take care of all your video needs and give your company events that extra boost to put you above your competitors and raise company morale.

great for:

  • holiday parties
  • company picnics
  • ceremonies
  • team building
  • product launch
  • recruitment

Product Promotion

Product promotion

We can make your product shine


It is time to get your product out there! With our product promotion, we can show everyone what your company can do! 

We can make videos that you can use on your website, in the app store if you have an app, and to share with potential clients! It is a great way to show people what your product can do instead of just telling them.

We can also make instructional videos on how to use your product. This helps prevent confusion from the customer on how to use it and what it can do. It will also save you time by minimizing the amount of training you have to do. Give us your instructions and let us do the hard work for you!



branding/advertising/job descriptions

In today's society, customers consume most of their content through video. Allow us to make you a creative video that is sure to bring more attention to your company.

Our services range from showcasing your company's unique brand to advertising an open position. Allow potential clients and potential employees get an idea of exactly who you are and what you do.

As seen in the video to the left, we created a video showing what a day in the life of a sales representative is like at Nimble Storage. While it is a fun video, it was also a creative way to show potential clients and employees what it is like to work for their company. It was a way to creatively showcase the perks of working at their company.


internal videos

company updates/hr videos/news

Videos are the best way to get information out to your employees. From updates about the company to new policy changes, let us put your message into an easy to consume format. 

These internal videos are also a great medium for instructions on new products or changes to existing ones. By making an instructional video, it saves you time by sending it out to all of your employees at once! Also, they can use it as a reference to new changes if needed.


Other video examples


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