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"The Truth" by Janelle LaSalle

Our team had the pleasure of working with Bay Area artist Janelle LaSalle on a video shoot for her single, "The Truth," produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Prince "BlkMagic" Damons.

After devising a plan of action, we shot a variety of scenes at different locations--including a nightclub, bedroom, car, and recording studio--over the course of a single day. With permission to film at each locale, we were able to get great performance shots as well as footage of Janelle acting out the story behind the song. To complete the picture, a male actor was hired to portray Janelle's love interest. The two were dynamic on screen and Janelle responded well to directions and suggestions. Her ability to get into character truly brought the song to life.

Wangechi Ojuok

Model Wangechi Ojuok is the definition of fierce, and creating this reel with her was an absolute breeze. Going for an urban vibe, we scouted out multiple spots in Downtown San Jose's SoFa District and set up for a shoot that transitioned from dusk to night.

Our vision was all about vivid colors and dramatic angles and speed ramps. Taking our direction and completely running away with it, Wangechi became a confident woman ready to take on the world. Fun shots like those of her dancing with city lights in the background and strutting down the divider in the road were a blast to capture and, after the in-house editing process, we couldn't be happier with how the finished product turned out. Creative projects like these are among our favorite to work on.

Rick Vandivier

When Rick Vandivier came to us with his Indiegogo campaign, we couldn't help but laugh at his quirky idea for a video. Extremely lighthearted, Rick intended to show off his self-prescribed training regime for preparing for a CD release, which includes wacky things like practicing guitar in the pool and running with gear up and down the stairs.

While, of course, Rick doesn't really do these things, it was certainly a lot of fun to film him doing them for the video. The end result was a Karate-Kid-style training montage that's sure to amuse and help raise those funds.

"Life of a Director"

A musical icon who served in the ministry for more than forty years, minister Virginia Roberts affected thousands of people through her dedication to teaching, directing, mentoring, and parenting. This biographical short film strives to provide but a glimpse of her amazing story.

Capturing all the footage was an undeniable challenge, as the entire video was meant to be a complete surprise, presented at Ms. Roberts' retirement ceremony. By the end of the production process, however, we'd managed to amass a collection of B-roll footage, interviews from those close to Ms. Roberts, and even footage of Ms. Roberts herself, all while keeping it under wraps. When the film's debut rolled around, Ms. Roberts' loved ones were in tears. With such a passionate reaction, we as filmmakers knew that we had done our jobs.