Our Gear

Ivory Sky Media Business Video Gear


Here at Ivory Sky Media we pride ourselves on stocking a plethora of tools needed to capture your digital content. From lighting to microphones to audio equipment to camera gear, not only do we have the tools, but we also have the experience and expertise to use them. Read below to get a sense of what we bring to the table. Of course we are always upgrading equipment so inquire with us about anything specific that you don't see below. 


We use the latest film and DSLR cameras to deliver 4K and HD quality footage. Digital film with over 15 stops of dynamic range allow for the ability to capture the most complex scenes with precision and leaves plenty of headroom for post production editing and color grading. We combine this with the best low-light DSLR cameras on the market to cover live events, with up to 5 camera angles for multi-cam coverage. Our cameras capture footage in both 24 frames and 60 frames per second which gives the ability to achieve a cinematic look in addition to capturing slow motion for artistic effects in music videos and action sequences. 



We have an assortment of lenses to match many scenarios. 

Prime lenses are our favorite lenses for video : They allow us to capture crystal clear images in low light and create a more narrowly-focused image. 

Zoom lenses allow us to capture live action from limited vantage points and give us flexibility when shooting on the go.


Picture your content from a bird's-eye-view. Drone footage can be used to gain perspective, add polish, and to show expansive reaches. Our operators are licensed to fly and have hundreds of hours of experience flying in many types of terrain and conditions. Photo and/or video content can be collected with up to 30 minutes of flight time.





Also known as a "jib," a crane allows us to capture sweeping shots of action in any direction from more vantage points than a typical tripod. We've used our crane on weddings, music videos, and other shoots that benefit from a unique perspective.




Brushless gimbals give us the ability to stabilize the camera while walking (or running) without creating any shaky footage. This eliminates the need for a tripod and allows for more creativity and possibilities when creating your shot list.



The GlideCam is an alternative to the brushless gimbal and stabilizes the camera during movement using weights instead of motors. This lightweight device travels well and comes in handy in a pinch.





Audio Recording

We use portable digital recorders and microphones when needed to capture audio on the run. 

We also use larger multi-track systems to record high quality audio for music performances and when audio fidelity is of the utmost importance.


Video Editing

Using the latest versions of non-linear editing software, we transcode and ingest all of your footage for further editing and later storage. Software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe products are utilized, in addition to hundreds of software plug-in effects to create a rendered timeline for digital platforms.




Color Grading

The possibilities are endless when it comes to color correction and color grading. Grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colors captured in the raw footage during a video shoot. We use Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve to create that special "look" desired for your movie.




Color Calibration

Our video monitors have been professionally calibrated to produce accurate monitoring conditions. This ensures your movie will look great on every display you view it on.

Audio and Music



We take pride in our state-of-the-art monitoring system which includes the Focal Twin 6 series with subwoofer for maximum clarity and fidelity in critical listening situations. Years of experience on this monitoring system means getting mixes right the first time, which saves you time and money.




We have over a decade of experience using software such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro to compose, mix, and master your audio. In addition, we utilize hundreds of plug-ins in order to craft the exact sound you need from your recordings. Waves, Universal Audio, and Fab-Filter are just a few of our go-to plug-ins.




Our location features an acoustically treated room for accurate acoustics and critical listening for mixing and mastering applications.





We utilize outboard gear for compression, EQ, limiting, etc.. including Focusrite, Aphex, DBX, Presonus, and more...