Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Videography


What is included in the Traditional video package?

Our starter video package includes two videographers with two cameras, audio recording equipment, and lighting as necessary for your shoot. You will also receive one "Specialist" that focuses on a specialty skill, such as drone footage, gimbal footage, slow-motion, time-lapse, etc..

The Traditional video package works well to capture events in a more documentary style, making sure not to miss any important moments. We've found that, in order to set up in the right place and right time to capture the most important moments, a team of three is ideal for setup, coverage, and even things like finding parking and moving equipment into place. 

You have the option to choose 6 hours of coverage, 8 hours, or more. We can customize the exact number of hours if necessary to match your budget. 

The hours of coverage you select will include setup, travel, and breakdown, of our equipment. We typically arrive to your first location around 15 minutes early in order to find parking and bring the equipment to your location in order to set up and start shooting right at the service start time. 


What is the benefit of choosing the Deluxe package?

The deluxe package includes the best features and options available to the wedding photo/video industry today. We love having the ability to offer our clients a cinematic experience, where you will come away saying your wedding day looks like a movie!

Choosing the deluxe option, we add two additional "Specialists" who solely focus on using tools that add a cinematic look and feel to the video. Combining these elements from the 3rd and 4th videographer’s footage to the other two camera angles can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the videos. 

The Deluxe package gets you access to:

  •  Brushless Gimbal : steadicam-like device that allows a camera to be mounted on a 3 axis motorized stabilizer. The user can then walk, or even run, without shaky footage, but instead, footage is very smooth and dramatic. We also attach a follow-focus to the gimbal in order to pull focus while walking. 
  •  Slow-motion : All footage is filmed at a higher frame rate and can later convert during the editing process so that scenes play back in slow motion. This footage takes up 2.5x the amount of hard-disk space as normal footage and is included in the Deluxe package.
  •  Time-lapse : A group of photos taken in succession over a period of time that, when played back, mimic a “fast forward” type of motion
  •  Drone footage : Aerial photo and/or video footage taken with a stabilized camera. The drone can travel up to 2.5 miles from it’s starting point and up to 400 meters in the sky. Drone footage is limited to FAA regulations, GPS/cellular availability, and weather conditions.
  • Additional Camera Angles : During the ceremony and reception a third camera angle is used for crowd reactions and other supporting shots.
  • RAW Footage : Included free with the Deluxe package (client provides the hard drive. There is a fee if Ivory Sky provides the drive).
  • Highlight Video : Cinematic short story of your entire wedding day, set to music and delivered as a digital download. Typically 4-7 minutes long.
  • Full length Blu-ray Film : Both cinematic and documentary style, long form video that includes a fully edited copy of everything our team filmed for your wedding. Can optionally be rendered to DVD if the client does not have access to a Blu-ray player.


How long does it take for Ivory Sky Media to edit the footage?

We pride ourselves in faster than normal turnaround times. The national average for a wedding video can be as long as 6 months! Our regular turnaround times for a Highlight video is 4-8 weeks and for a Blu-ray Film is 6-10 weeks. During peak and holiday seasons those times go up to 8-12 weeks. We will notify you before, during, and after the editing process regarding the estimated turnaround times for your videos. 


Can we split the hours of video capture? For example, can we book you from 9am to 11am and then again from 4pm to 10pm?

While we understand the value of splitting our service time in order to save on the total cost of services, splitting time is difficult in some circumstances for the videographers. A lot goes into a wedding shoot, and a lot of work is happening even during moments where the cameras aren't rolling! 

If all of your wedding or event locations take place in San Jose, CA, we would be willing to split the hours of service as needed. If your wedding or event is outside of the San Jose, CA area, then unfortunately we cannot split hours of service, but we will typically offer a discount on the hours of service to cover the entire span of your day. we are happy to answer more in-depth for any specific circumstances, so feel free to email the details. 


Is the cost of editing included in the cost of videography?

Videography and editing costs are calculated separately and combined into a wedding package. You can see these prices on our booking page at :


Do you offer RAW footage?

Yes we do. RAW footage is the literal audio and video clips that come out of the camera (and audio recorders) with no editing applied to them. These files will be in whatever native "language" they are recorded in directly from the camera. They are not typically suitable for watching without some form of "transcoding" for software to read these files. 

If you are looking for a complete watchable version of the footage, from beginning to end, you would probably be best served choosing the "Full length Blu-ray Film" option, which is an edited movie of your entire wedding. 

If you are looking to edit the footage yourself, we are currently offering RAW footage as follows (subject to change without notice):

- Free if you provide the hard drive

- $125 if we provide the hard drive


Do I get to choose the music that play in my video?

Yes! Once you have booked with us, we send you a pre-wedding questionnaire with questions about you and your spouse, your venue, and your musical tastes (favorite artists, bands, genres, songs). This form asks for your favorite songs and genres. We use these songs primarily for all of your videos, including the Highlight video. In some cases we select songs that are not on your list that may be similar to, or from the same artist as some of your song selections. Our goal is to use your songs primarily or to make selections ourselves based on the overall feel and theme of your wedding!


If I don't like something in my wedding video(s) can I request a change?

We offer one free revision for your Highlight video. Use the revision to request as many changes as you like. Changes just need to be requested all at once. 

We do not offer free revisions for the Full length Blu-ray Film. 

If there is an error in your video, regardless of what type of video, we will fix those errors for free. 


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