Ashley & Erwin

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On July 25, 2015 the ISM team joined Ashley and Erwin on their wedding day.  The wedding was covered by our all-girl team that consisted of Kristine, Anna, and Tori.  Kristine covered the Bride using a Sony a57 . Rather than using the Gimbal for this wedding Anna used a Glidecam with Kristine's Canon 60D to capture all of the movement shots as well as a Sony a57s while focusing on the Groom getting ready. Tori was able to direct both Kristine and Anna while being able to cover the venue using another Sony a7s. 

What better a place to meet and fall in love with your other half than in Hawaii.  While Ashley and Erwin lived there they got to see Jack Johnson, Anthea and Paula Fuga.  Did I mention their first dance song was going to be Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”? Because it was, and these songs will forever remind them of the time they met and fell in love.

Ashley was truly glowing with excitement while she was preparing to change her name.  The couple had exchanged gifts using their pug, Duchess, to share a little love. Erwin gave Ashley a pair of gold embellished flats for her to wear during the reception.  Ashley gifted Erwin a sweet pair of RayBan sunglasses, which he wore during their photo session.

A very special moment that took place after getting ready was when Ashley had her first look, not with Erwin, but with her father and step-father.  Now that she had the love and support of these two men, she was ready to become Mrs. Defensor.

The wedding ceremony was held in the Memorial Church on campus at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA and the drive there was beautiful on such a perfect day.  This venue also commemorated Erwin’s new job at Stanford! 

The bridal party had a great time with Kristine during their photo session amongst the hand-carved columns, and afterwards, she was able to capture the couple whispering into the whisper circle, where one person whispers on one corner of a semi-circle stone bench, and the person on the other side of the bench can hear . 

The lovely couple commemorated their love for adventure than with an Alice in Wonderland themed cocktail hour and reception that were held at Garden Court Hotel?  The courtyard of the hotel was where the party started with the themed photo booth and took the stage with large paper flowers as a backdrop.

The couple decorated the tables with handmade tissue flowers, and each guest received a teacup with a matching saucer for the perfect Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.  Before the celebrations ended, the couple made sure to give thanks to their family and friends for helping and supporting their marriage. Ashley's sister and maid of honor toasted to the couple first, ending on a teary note despite having practiced with Ashley earlier in the day. ISM also recognized Jeff, Erwin's brother and best man, whose wedding we had shot last year, and who gave the second toast of the night. Then, instead of a "money dance," the couple had an "advice dance," where friends and family would give advice to the couple as they danced with each of them.  During the reception, Ashley had a father-daughter dance with both her step-father and father, and the whole family toasted to Erwin's father, who had passed and could only be at the celebration in spirit. The rest of the night, the couple enjoyed the presence of their family with plenty of love and laughter.

There are no combination of words we can say, but we know, it's always better when you're together!

Congratulations to this dynamic duo: The Defensors

Written by Olivia Azevedo

Evangeline & Daniel

After this young couple met in high school they knew they didn’t want to spend another day without each other.  So on July 25, 2015 these love birds tied the knot at the Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, California.

The drive ended up taking the ISM team 2 1/2 hours to the location since there was an accident on the freeway.  Thankfully, everyone was ok, and they still made it to the wedding in time to capture the couple getting ready.

For the day’s events, Allen was accompanied by Frank and Jennifer for this lovely adventure.  Allen worked with the Gimbal while checking up on all the camera operators and communicating the day's events to produce creative shots using the drone before the ceremony and during the glamour shots. Frank worked on the time-lapse using the GoPro for the first time and covered Daniel's expressions during the ceremony and reception using the Sony A57.  Jennifer covered Evangeline during the ceremony while getting great shots during the glamour session around the golf course with the couple, she had a little too much fun with them.

Eva and Daniel chose this venue because it had an ethereal feel to it, being just a stroll away from the oceans edge.  The day of the wedding was slightly overcast with a touch of a breeze that added to the graceful nature of the landscape.

The ceremony and reception both took place at this great location.  The ceremony portion was as perfect as can be, especially with the added touch of humor by their good friend and officiant when he announced them as husband and wife, adding on, “May the force be with you.”  Rather than lighting a unity candle, the couple blended two different color sands to commemorate their new life together.  As they left the ceremony, Eva was skipping down the aisle in joy now that she’d married her best friend.

When it came time to make their grand entrance into the reception the couple skipped their way into room to the song “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates. Lets just say, it was adorable. 

The seating arrangements were displayed on the lids of their tiny hershey kisses filled mason jars. It was pretty convenient; that way the guests had something to snack on while they waited for the delicious dinner.

The overall themed decor for their wedding was Disney by the Sea... The fact that their cake toppers were mini versions of themselves wearing Mickey and Minnie ears proves how much of a fairytale life they will be living together.  

The love in the room was definitely on display when the DJ played a recording of Daniel’s father, who couldn’t be at the wedding. He had a special message to his son and new daughter-in-law “Congratulations to you two! I’d love to be with you today to hug you tightly on your wedding day. It's impossible...but I love you guys a lot.  I want you two to have fun and be happy.”  As his fathers words were spoken, tears were evident throughout the room, but a surge of happiness over took them, knowing Dani's father was there in spirit. 

Once the music started the dancing didn't stop!  Practically everyone who attended the wedding was on the dance floor.  It was a lot of fun not only for the guests, but for our team as well. Frank and Jennie couldn't control their desire to boogie on the dance floor, so naturally, Jennie pulled Allen over to the dance floor where the team attempted to bust a move...unsuccessfully. 

Congratulations Eva and Daniel on your many more adventures to come!

Written by Olivia Azevedo

Teresa & Gabriel

From the day they first met and salsa danced together in Teresa's office, both Gabriel and Tere knew they had found their dance partner for life.

Tere and Gabriel’s relationship grew stronger with each salsa dancing date and annual retreat to Big Sur, and after almost two years of dating, Gabriel proposed to Teresa in Ojai, CA on April 12, 2014. Having had incredible memories of their times spent at Big Sur, the couple decided it only made sense to finally bring their families together, surrounded by the coastal Redwoods, as they declared their love for one another in marriage.

As the ISM team made the drive to Big Sur, the team wanted to make sure they captured the beautiful Highway 1 coastline, knowing that Tere and Gabriel treasured the location and their adventures in nature. But as stunning as the scenic drive was, the treacherous cliffside kept Tori and Allen in the car since they were afraid of heights, and they let Kristine film some of the beautiful views at each vista point instead.

Upon arrival to the location, the team was enthralled by the crisp fresh air of the landscape and the weather was wonderful - under the shade of the trees or any nearby buildings that is! It was a day filled with first, even for Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Amphitheater, since Teresa and Gabriel were the first newlyweds to marry since its completion. 

As the days festivities continued, Teresa and Gabriel hoped their wedding would not only show the love they shared with each other, but the love they also shared with their friends and family. During the glamorous photo shoot, Kristine noted that the couple wasn't just adorable, they were disgustingly cute as she was able to capture their Eskimo kisses to one another - how sweet! 

As the ISM team began to gather the wedding party together they noticed a familiar face, Tristan Vizconde Cheesman, Gabriel's Bestman - Lorna's brother - from Lorna and Jaime's wedding. Kristine and Tori were both able to gather everyone for a fun mini-adventure by the stream.

Once the ceremony began it was Gabriel’s mother who first recited a poem by Helen Steiner Rice that truly fit the love that this couple not only had for each other but for life itself:
                                                              Love is like magic and it always will be…  
                                                          Love is the language that every heart speaks
                                                        For Love is the one thing that every heart seeks!

With sweet reactions from the entire party, the love was clearly felt throughout. 

Once it came around for the reception, which was held at the Big Sur Lodge located a short stroll away from the ceremony, the celebration really began. The Father - Daughter and Mother - Son dances, were slow dances, but the lovely couple SALSA danced together as Mr. and Mrs. Taime!

Congratulations to Teresa and Gabriel, the ISM Team wishes you guys nothing but the best in your love and great salsa dancing!

Written by Olivia Azevedo

Jessica & Aldo

As the sun rose on Saturday, June 27, over the City of San Francisco, Jessica and Aldo would be making the biggest commitment of their lives, not only to love another person wholeheartedly, but to stand by each others' side through thick and thin.  We first met the lovely bride last year at Blanca and Chris' wedding since Jessica was a part of the bridal party. Now the tables have turned, making it Jessica and Aldo's turn to say "I do".  

Love is truly a commitment, through the hard times and the good times.  While Allen and Jennie took video of the ladies getting ready, he noticed Jessica's look of determination that every woman has after finally finding the love of their lives. On the other side,Tori followed the groom and his party while they prepared at the Inn at the Presidio. Aldo presented his groomsmen with a little speech and a gift of gratitude for sharing this momentous occasion with him. 

The wedding was a great opportunity to work with Stacey Pentland Photography again and their pictures were stunning, so make sure to check out her blog on Jessica and Aldo's wedding.  Her crew and herself made sure to capture all of the meaningful moments of the evening.

Jessica was stunning in her sweetheart neckline with ruffles on the bottom flaring out at her every step. Once she and her bridesmaid party were finished, some of the groomsmen stopped by to deliver a special package from her husband-to-be.  Aldo gifted Jessica a book and jewelry, while Jessica surprised Aldo with a Gucci watch and a PS4. 

During the ceremony, it was an honor to have the opportunity to stand on the platform as the couple said their vows at the Mission Dolores Catholic Church.  Following the ceremony the newlyweds became more and more relaxed as the group went to take pictures at the cable cars in San Francisco when Jessica decided to photobomb Aldo with his groomsmen. 

Aside from being included in another magnificent wedding, the ISM team accomplished the task of maneuvering around San Francisco and back to Pleasanton all during Pride weekend. All the running around from location to location was all put together by not only the bride and groom, but also with the help from Cierra Lockwood and her team at Dreams on a Dime.  

The reception took place at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, CA where guests were greeted by delicious drinks, a live mariachi band, and a stunning venue.  It was not until the much anticipated garter toss that Allen, Tori and Jennie encountered a moment very rare in weddings. As Aldo showed off some of his provocative dance moves prior to his search for the garter, the single men crowded together joking about who would be the “unlucky” guy to catch it. Garter in hand, the crowd counted to three and the garter sailed through the room and was unexpectedly caught by Jessica's brother! At first filled with excitement, it took a moment for Jessica’s brother to process what he had caught, and quickly dropped the garter with a pale disturbed expression. 

On behalf of the ISM team, we would like to wish this couple many years of love and happiness. Congratulations Jessica and Aldo!

Allen was able to capture these amazing moments using our Gimbal, which allowed for the seamless flow of movement.  Tori used a7's and the Tascam DR-07 to catch the video and audio while Jennie used a57 to capture the moments with the bride getting ready and the instances that followed at the reception.

Written by Olivia Azevedo

Shani & Jaime


In a way, the Morales wedding was a bit of a (church) family reunion for both the guests and our team. The lovely Shani, bride and woman of the hour, is the daughter of the esteemed Virginia Roberts, an inspiring minister whose life we encapsulated in a short documentary to commemorate her retirement back in 2013. Shani herself used to serve as the director of the children's choir that ISM COO Tori Green sang with when she was young. Not only was the day a celebration of a lifelong union to come, but also of memories made in the many years that have passed.

Giving its blessing for such a happy event, the sun shined down upon Hiddenbrooke Golf Club, casting a glow of warm yellow across all the guests' faces as they arrived. June 20th turned out to be a gorgeous day, indeed. Meanwhile, Shani donned her wedding dress, a piece as unique as her with its peplum style and black floral detailing. In their own green room, the groomsmen came together for a pre-ceremony toast, taking a few moments to rally for the big moment. And then there they stood, waiting in front of the altar as Shani came down the aisle arm-in-arm with her brother. Singers Anthone Jackson and Tracy Cruz helped make the moment special, and the former pastor of Shani's church sealed the deal as the officiant. It was a truly a beautiful ceremony, performed in two languages (English and Spanish) and closed with a "Sí, I do."

Following the ceremony, Allen swept the bridal party away for a photoshoot while Tori made sure to capture plenty of B-roll before the reception. The guests mingled at cocktail hour and awaited the bride and groom's grand entrance. When it was time to get the party started, the bridesmaids and groomsmen came waltzing in with their color-coordinated Chuck Taylors. The bride and groom themselves spotted their candy bar and hurried to fill their own bags of sweets and Shani saw her wedding cake for the first time. Crafted by Andrew Moss, a pastry chef based out of Miami, the cake completely floored Shani. Being her childhood friend, Shani had entrusted Andrew with the design of the cake, and it seems she placed her faith in the right man. It's easy to see in the photos Allen snapped just how much she loved her five-tiered cake (each layer a different flavor!).

The night wore on and after a few toasts, there was plenty of fun to be had. Dancing ensued and guests flooded the photo booth. The DJ played a bit of Latino music and the money dance was a real crowd favorite at this wedding reception. Everyone had a wonderful time, especially the bride and groom. Shani and Jaime exemplify the idea of marrying one's best friend, as it's clear how much they enjoy each other's company. Their playful attitudes spread from guest to guest, making it quite a laid back shoot for our team.

In post-production, we strived to create that "old school romantic" feel that the couple was going for. We think the Stevie Wonder and black and white effects really brought out that classic vibe. See for yourself in their highlight video below, and then check out the gallery of some of our favorite photos.

Congratulations, Jaime and Shani Morales!

Written by Danika Lam

Charity & Joshua

Charity and Joshua Wallace were determined to ring in the new year right, literally, tying the knot on January 1, 2015.

It was a beautifully sunny afternoon  in San Francisco, California with characteristic traffic on the way up to the city for our team. In the car sat Allen, first photographer for the day; Kristine, assistant photographer; and Tori, the main videographer. The three arrived at Cookhouse, the intimate venue, to start off the day with a quick photo shoot of the groom.

And then it came time to start rolling the cameras for the bride’s grand entrance. It was a truly beautiful moment, and Kristine swears she saw Joshua get a bit teary-eyed as his bride came down the aisle. Undoubtedly, she looked gorgeous, and they were both incredibly outgoing and funny.

Their ceremony was as quirky as they are. An interactive event, each of their guests gave a heartfelt speech. Now, you might be imagining hours and hours of a hundred guests giving their own speeches, but the real thing comprised of only twelve people, and the effect was intimate and special. Plus, “speech” was loosely-defined at this wedding. One guest sang a song for hers and the groom’s sister even rapped to “Ice Ice Baby” with her own lyrics.

Following the ceremony was a photo session with friends and family. The main event for photo shoots, however, was with the bride and groom alone over at the International Museum of Art. Check out some of the gorgeous photos from the museum in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

But here’s a quick, funny story for you. Being New Year’s Day, the International Museum of Art was closed to the public. It was a special connection that Joshua had that allowed us to have the photo shoot inside. However, the security guard on duty had not been made aware of the plan and the couple and our team had to convince him that they weren’t, in fact, there to rob the place. Perhaps our team doesn’t look as innocent as we thought…

Once the photo shoot was wrapped up, the couple and our team returned to Cookhouse where guests blew bubbles, hailing Charity and Joshua’s entrance. Eating and dancing commenced, and fun was had by all. The food was delicious, the company was great, and the couple was a pleasure to work with.

We are happy to have been a part of such a unique event and wish the newly-wedded couple much luck in the future. Congratulations Charity and Joshua Wallace!

Enjoy a few of the photos we took in the gallery as well as their highlight video!

Written by Danika Lam

The Year in Review: Weddings of 2014

This past year, we've done our fair share of weddings and we want to take this moment as we near the end of the year to look back and appreciate all those who have worked with us. So what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in some wedding highlights!


On a hot day in September, our ISM team made the trek out to the East Bay with Blanca and Chris to document their gorgeous, vintage-style wedding. It was a truly classy affair.




Thanks to one of our editors, we were fortunate enough to meet this kindhearted couple. They were eager to work with us, and on a beautiful day in Monterey, California, our team captured one of the best days of their lives.



These two lovebirds tied the knot right in our hometown. Looking for local vendors alone, Rosiella and Jeff wanted a real San Jose wedding. We couldn't have had more fun shooting right in our backyard!



A couple with character and a lively wedding party, Rochelle and Donte tied the knot amid supportive family and friends in Downtown San Jose.




At this Newark wedding, our team was enlisted to create a gorgeous collection of photos for the couple. Click here to view our dedicated blog post and a few of the photos we were able to snap.





We hopped on this wedding train at the last minute, but we could not be happier that David requested our help in documenting the amazing day he had planned for his wife-to-be.



Natashia and Mark are your cool, fun-loving couple, stylish and ready to take the world by storm. From the get-go, their wedding was sure to be a day to remember.


What's Your Something Blue is not your average bridal expo. Check out this highlight video and see all the fun both our team and the guests were getting up to at this year's event. There was certainly no shortage of helpful workshops and dance music to make you move at the Garden Court Hotel.


The Stylized Photographers Shootout is an event put on by Seventh Heaven Vintage Rentals aimed at providing photographers with a place to gain knowledge and experience with shooting weddings. Take a look at the action by viewing this video our team created of the event.

It's been a great year here at Ivory Sky Media in the world of weddings. We thank you for coming along for the ride and we'll be back with bigger and better things in 2015. Happy New Year!

Written by Danika Lam

Blanca & Chris

On a hot day in September, our ISM team made the trek out to the East Bay with Blanca and Chris to document their gorgeous, traditional wedding.

The day began with our team split up into the usual groups to capture the bride and groom getting ready at their individual hotels in Downtown San Jose. Jenny and Allen (with the gimbal) stuck with the bride at the Marriott while Tori and Frank tracked the groom's progress at the Sainte Claire. A funny coincidence, Tori, Frank, and the groomsmen stumbled upon a few Chicago Bears players during an elevator ride. The group couldn't help but cheer them on and urge them to beat the 49ers. Back up in their separate rooms, the bride and groom donned their dress and suit respectively and opened gifts they had sent each other. Blanca gave Chris a Movado watch while he gave his wife-to-be a pair of earrings. This gesture was only one of many that displayed the couple's kind, down-to-earth nature. With beautiful smiles on and fully clad in their finest attire, Blanca and Chris made their way to Santa Clara Mission for the wedding ceremony.

It was a traditional Catholic affair, with a twist: a mariachi band provided the music as the couple tied the knot. The band followed the guests into cocktail hour and facilitated the transition to the reception. Together, the wedding party and all the family and friends made their way to Casa Real Vineyard in Pleasanton, the final destination and location of the reception. It was a stunning venue, perfect for a photo shoot and an evening of celebration. In the highlight video, you'll notice how the vineyard backdrop only added to the elegance and classy, vintage aura of the couple. Our editors couldn't help but use a bit of slow motion during the photo session scenes just to highlight the details.

All day long, the bride and groom were extremely accommodating and a joy to work with. They were cooperative and enthusiastic about having fun with the video: you'll notice the moments when the groomsmen all jump into the air and when the bride and groom act out a game of hide and seek before the camera. Coordinating with the photographer, Stacey Pentland, was a pleasant experience and we look forward to working with her in the future. To see the photos she took of the event, check out her blog post. Overall, it was truly a day to remember, for the couple, their guests, and our ISM team as well.

Congratulations to Chris and Blanca Salazar! Enjoy their highlight video below.

Written by Danika Lam

Rochelle & Donte

Donte and Rochelle were certainly a couple with character, and their wedding party was nothing but lively. In such spirited company, this wedding was plenty of fun. In Downtown San Jose at the Corinthian Event Center, the couple tied the knot amid supportive family and friends.

Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Event Center, and the couple arrived at the venue ready for the happiest day of their lives. The bride was beautiful and ever so sweet while the groom was a sincere guy who couldn't help but have fun no matter what he was doing.

As for our own team, Allen and Felisha were on the scene taking photos (but, of course, Allen had to spend a little time manning the gimbal) while AJ Feurtado was there to lend a hand. In charge of videography, Tori and Jenny made sure to capture every moment. A little fun fact in regards to Ivory Sky Media history, Rochelle's brother (who appears in the highlight video) played "the other man" in the "?uestion Love" music video we created with Dshyne Phresh just over a year ago.

Now, after the first look and a lovely ceremony that ended with joyful cheers and a bit of dancing down the aisle, the bride, groom, and wedding party posed for some timeless photos. The Corinthian provided an epic backdrop, providing a balcony with steps inside and a classical setting with pillars outside. Scroll down to the gallery at the end of this post to check out a few of the photos!

Following the photo shoot and cocktail hour came the reception, which opened with a Grand Reveal. The newlyweds saw the ballroom fully clad in decorations for the first time. The interior was beautiful, and of course, a reception wouldn't be complete without a photo booth or a dessert table! The entire event was decorated according to the design of wedding coordinator Tony White from Extreme Elegance Events by Tony. The ambience and atmosphere were certainly enjoyed by all. When the night came to a close, the guests lit sparklers and stood on the steps outside, allowing the couple to make their final Grand Exit.

Congratulations Donte and Rochelle Sadler!

Take a look at the wedding in all its glory in the highlight video below.

Written by Danika Lam

Rosiella & Jeff

Back in August, these two lovebirds tied the knot right in our hometown. Looking for local vendors alone, Rosiella and Jeff wanted a real San Jose wedding.

The day kicked off at Hotel De Anza where Allen followed the bride with the gimbal and Tori stuck with the groom as they each were primped and beautified. Housing a restaurant near and dear to the couple's heart (with supposedly amazing pastries!), Hotel De Anza was the obvious choice for the basecamp of their San Jose wedding. Once the two were ready enough to walk down the red carpet let alone the aisle, they were transported just a few streets away. The guests awaited them at the San Jose Cathedral Basilica for a traditional Catholic ceremony.

The fun really started rolling in once Rosiella and Jeff sealed the deal. They left the church and boarded a pedicab, accompanied by the bridal party. Allen and the photographer, Scott MacDonald, got to share their own, bringing the total number of pedicabs to eight! (Check out Scott's blog post of the wedding by clicking here.) For about an hour and a half, they rolled around the city in style as people on the street shouted congratulations. Exploring the Plaza de Cesar Chavez and surrounding areas, they took photos at different downtown locations. The Tech Museum even let them pose for some shots inside.

Once it was time for the reception, the bridal party returned to the hotel. Everyone had a great time, and the couple got to ascend to the hotel's roof for even more photos overlooking city lights. Meanwhile, Allen and Tori captured the speeches and different angles of all the fun. Jenny and Frank were on the scene as well, capturing additional footage and some B-roll shots.

A true highlight of the reception were the incredible crafts the groom had created just for his wedding. Jeff is a phenomenal woodworker, and he put that skill to good use when he handcrafted favors, table centerpieces, corsages, and even place cards.

What was especially cool was that every table was assigned to a travel destination. Huge travelers, Rosiella and Jeff named each table after a place they had visited together, all featuring a wooden sign displaying the table's location (made by Jeff himself, of course!). Every place card displayed the destination table that guests were meant to find and sit at. It was undoubtably unique! Destinations included Buenos Aires, Argentina; Machu Picchu, Peru; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to name a few.

From a technical standpoint, Rosiella and Jeff's wedding was a joy to shoot. Because the event was right in our backyard, Allen and Tori took it upon themselves to play around with some time-lapse footage. You can check out a small time-lapse clip in the teaser we created below, and more of it were surely pop up in their short film, and future projects. Additionally, Allen got to have some fun as he captured the couple's pedicab ride, practically hanging out the side of his own pedicab to get some awesome shots. Get a look into it all in the video below!

And of course, congratulations to the newlyweds: Jeff and Rosiella Defensor!

Written by Danika Lam

Natashia & Mark

Natashia and Mark are your cool, fun-loving couple, stylish and ready to take the world by storm. From the get-go, their wedding was sure to be a day to remember.

Taking place at the Morgan Hill Community & Culture Center in (surprise!) Morgan Hill, California, the day began with Allen and Jenny getting full coverage of the bride getting ready. Natashia looked stunning in her dress and she had her bridesmaids couldn't help but snap a few pictures before it was time for the big moment: the ceremony.

With beautiful flower decorations and both Natashia and Mark clad in white, they had a lovely outdoor ceremony. As they said their vows before their family and friends, there was no doubt about the love they share. It was a jovial, intimate service.

From there, everyone headed inside for the reception. The couple's grand entrance showed them just glowing with happiness, greeting their guests with enthusiastic waves and radiant smiles. Our team was delighted to capture the couple dancing and celebrating with their guests, going from table to table and participating in different traditions. The bouquet and garter tosses were particularly fun moments, and Frank, Jenny, and Tori took it all in from different angles, with Allen on the gimbal.

At the end of it all, everyone went home happy, and none more so than the couple themselves. Congratulations, Natashia and Mark!

Check out their highlight video below.

Written by Danika Lam
Cover photo by AJ Feurtado

Lorna & Jaime

Thanks to Cliff, one of our editors, we were fortunate enough to meet this lovely couple: newlyweds Lorna and Jaime. As former coworkers, Cliff tipped the bride about our company and after taking a look at our past work, Lorna contacted us about filming her own wedding.

Fast forward to the wedding day, and our team found themselves in Monterey, California, ready to capture one of the best days of Lorna and Jaime's lives.

The day began with Allen and Jenny in the executive suite with the bride while Tori and Frank captured the groom's morning routine. As Lorna had her makeup done and stepped into her dress, Jaime slipped into his jacket and did up his tie. And in between each action, the two would call each other on the phone, sharing such a special moment despite being physically apart.

Everything was going smoothly, until it was

time to head to the church. Earlier in the morning, the team had put the equipment for the ceremony in their hotel room for convenience. But as the bridal party packed into the party bus to be zipped away, Allen and Jenny returned to the room to pick up the equipment. And of course, their key didn't work. In a hectic scramble, they finally got an employee from the front desk to open the door, and the two made it to the church in the nick of time.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful, traditional affair. Lorna and Jaime said their "I-dos" in the presence of their loving families and, the wedding would not have been complete without the cord, veil, and communion. All the while, Jaime's mother was present in spirit, granting her blessing to the couple.

Once the ceremony was over, it was time for some fun. Tori and Frank headed back to the Marriott to capture cocktail hour while Allen and Jenny followed the couple across town with the photographer leading the way. It was a sunny day outside, and Monterey seemed ready to welcome the new Lorna and Jaime Aguilar. As Lorna made her way through the streets clad in her wedding dress, cars honked and bells rang, helping the couple celebrate.

After the photo shoot, everyone was reunited for the

reception at the hotel. Upon stepping into the room, the theme of the night was evident: Raiders. From Raiders table settings to a Raiders garter, the event was decked out in Oakland style.

In regards to filming, Tori stepped up to the plate and took charge. With Allen feeling under the weather, Tori made sure everything that needed to be captured (especially the speeches) was accounted for. Allen took care of gimbal shots, getting the grand entrance of the bridal party and all the dances.

A real highlight of the reception was definitely the slideshow. Photos of the couple and their family members brought the whole room together and it became clear how caring Lorna and Jaime are. In fact, their whole family is comprised of kind, generous people and they were a pleasure to work with. Lorna's mother's determination to cook food for our office is just one of the many exhibitions of their family's hospitality. We wish them all the best of luck.

Congratulations, Lorna and Jaime!

Written by Danika Lam

A Wedding Documenter's Heaven

Seventh Heaven Vintage Rentals is a company that specializes in, well, pimping out your wedding. In all seriousness, they work personally with brides and grooms alike to furnish, decorate, and accessorize their wedding destination. To both show off their excellent style and help provide photographers with knowledge and experience, they kill two birds with one stone by hosting their Stylized Photographers Shootout. Taking place at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, California, this year's Shootout featured guest speaker Danielle Poff and three different scenes for the guests' photographing pleasure.

As for the involvement of Ivory Sky Media, our participation was two-fold.


Cinematic Heaven

On Allen and Jenny's side of things, it was all about filming. Event coordinator and company owner Annaliza Arteaga had approached us about creating a video of the Shootout after seeing the work we'd done for Karla Randolph's What's Your Something Blue event back in May. She tasked us with producing a highlight video of sorts to capture the ins and outs of the Shootout.

So, with Allen manning the gimbal and Jenny in charge of still shots, our team got to work. Although, you could hardly call it work. The ranch was so aesthetically pleasing and everywhere you looked, there was something beautiful to see. The place simply lent itself to stunning shots. Allen was in heaven. Even with the seven hours he had there, he still says there was more to be captured

and that he'd love to see the place at sunset.

From a technical standpoint, this video features more use of the gimbal than we've ever had before. Full of motion and fast-paced, sweeping shots this video is cinematically different than anything we've really done before. On top of that, this video includes two distinct shots that involved the use of our crane. Keep your eyes open for this at 3:42 (with the couple on the couch) and at the very end at 4:06.

Overall, it was a very successful shoot. Jenny learned new things and gained experience, while Allen experimented with the gimbal. Check out the final product below and continue reading to find out about Tori and Felisha's perspective (and to see a wonderful gallery of photos!).

Photography Heat

Meanwhile, Tori and Felisha were filling the role of actual event attendees. Cameras in hand, they moved through the event in the company of other photographers.

When I asked her about how it went, the first thing Tori said was that it was "scorching hot." So, with much emphasis, I tell you that it was, indeed, extremely hot. Once we were all assured of the excessively warm temperature, she laid out how the event actually went down.

There were three "vignettes" that were basically different stations that had their own setups and couples. All the photographers were split up into small groups, and they rotated through the stations with an allotted amount of time to snap away at the couples and props. The first station was "A Luxe Outdoor Affair" featuring the engaged couple Christophe and Jennifer King. The second was "Whimsical Woodland Love" featuring yet another engaged couple: Tim

and Samantha. The last couple (in "The Hindu Blessing"), however, had never met each other before that day. Jaz Kamboj and Reena Rai (Miss South Asia) were professional models.

Tori had a great time working with all three couples, as she learned a lot about being personable with models and how to pose them in a way that seemed natural. As a self-identified videographer, she said it was interesting to have to switch into photographer mode. Her mind was telling her to film B-roll footage while, in reality, she was meant to be staging the shot with the models.

In short, our photographers were able to gain more experience with composing shots, posing the subjects of photos, and dealing with the fickle sun (the whole event was outdoors and spanned the entire day). It was a very productive experience and both Tori and Felisha were able to capture absolutely stunning photos. Take a look at the gallery  below!

Written by Danika Lam

Maria & David

From the booking side of things, our team hopped on this wedding train at the last minute. There were only three days left until the big day when the groom, David, requested our services. After seeing how dedicated he was to providing his wife-to-be with an amazing wedding day, we were more than happy to help him document it.

Maria and David became Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva on June 21, 2014 at the Christian Worship Center in Milpitas, California. The ceremony went smoothly and all the guests were shining with happiness for the couple. Maria and David certainly weren't the only ones bursting with excitement about their marriage. Friends and family were extremely supportive, which was evident in the vast size of their wedding party.

After the ceremony, the wedding party, guests, and ISM team made their way to the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton for the reception. Tori and Allen were in good spirits, as everything was working seamlessly and the whole event exuded a very chill atmosphere. The DJ was fabulous, the kids flocked to the candy bar, and the adults danced the night away.

One truly special moment was the cutting of the cake, which Maria was unable to eat due to dietary restrictions. But when it was time to make the first slice, David surprised Maria with her own personal, gluten-free cake. Small enough to fit in her hands and made just for her, it was a true symbol of their love.

Watch Maria and David's wedding highlight below!

Written by Danika Lam

Karen & Jim


On May 31, 2014 Karen and Jim were wed to be married. At a ceremony in Newark, California, Tori and I were tasked with capturing pictures of the special day. Unfortunately I had just finished filming a wedding the day before, and on both days, I was sick as a dog! Nevertheless, I was determined to capture amazing pictures without contaminating anyone around me! 

Jim and his family traveled from Arizona, and everyone was sweet and smiling! There were a lot of cool moments and people from every generation were present, from little children to grandparents. 


We wish Karen and Jim a happy and fulfilling marriage! I wish I could have been at full health but I definitely enjoyed my time with you and your loved ones. Enjoy your photographs :)

Written by Allen Ross