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Julius Turman's 50th Birthday

A Celebration Fit for A King

Fifty is a remarkable milestone to hit in one’s life. It means one has experienced so much in life and has wisdom and experience in their back pocket to excel in the next fifty years. Julius Turman, a pillar in the San Francisco community and current Vice President of the San Francisco Police Commission, held a stunning affair at the San Francisco Design Center that was as phenomenal and fabulous as he is, and Ivory Sky Media was on deck to capture the event.

Julius’ family, friends and coworkers came to celebrate a man who has done so much for the San Francisco LGBTQ community, the city of San Francisco itself, and for them personally. The night was filled with laughter, speeches, dancing and a few singing performances, one which featured, Leilani Bush, whose wedding we did earlier in the year

I was able to capture the beautiful decor of the venue, while my assistant Quinn captured all of Juilius’ guests mingling and enjoying the event before the night’s program begun. 

Many of Julius’ friends from his childhood, family and close friends got on stage to say a few words about their good friend that enlightened many on how dynamic of a man Julius is.

In Julius’ own words, “Tonight…is not, and never was meant to be and never will be a celebration of me. It is a celebration of the love, support and friendship I’ve received from so many people.”

Check out the video highlight below of the night’s festivities. 

Written by Tori Green

Haeyeon's 50th

When Haeyeon's kids decided to throw her a party for her fiftieth birthday, there's no doubt that she was surprised, as the party took place months away from her actual birthdate. She unsuspiciously walked into Eagles Hall on March 29th to find a 70s-themed event planned especially for her.

A smaller, more intimate affair, the party was a pleasure to shoot, very laid back and relaxed. Family and friends mingled and danced to the live music played by a funk-style band. One of Haeyeon's daughters even gave a special performance, singing "Rock Steady" for her mother.

Personal touches here and there made the party genuine and heartfelt. Guests signed a banner, leaving messages and birthday wishes for Haeyeon. A slideshow played in the background throughout the night, showing images of Haeyeon through the years. Haeyeon's other daughter even made the cake herself!

It was clear that Haeyeon truly enjoyed herself and was grateful for what her loved ones had done for her. She was even caught tearing up on a few different occasions! Get a glimpse of the joy and the fun for yourself in a highlight video that we created of the party.

Written by Danika Lam

Steven Gaffeney's 50th

In Early September, Allen and Tori found themselves at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, experiencing a bit more than they bargained for. Originally, the only thing meant to be taking place at the stadium that day was Steven Gaffeney’s 50th birthday celebration. But there was a last minute change.

While Steven’s party was surely still the main event, it seemed that a soccer game was destined to happen that day as well. So not only was Steven treated to a lovely meal with family and friends, but also to a front row seat at the first international soccer match ever hosted at Levi’s Stadium. Literally. Steven’s party took place right next to the field; Allen and Tori could step right onto the same grass as the players. It was any sports fan’s dream.

All of the guests were more than happy to go with the flow and accept the change of plans. Everyone had a great time and there were plenty of smiles and laughs to go around. (And guests couldn’t help but Instagram a bit of the game!)

Happy birthday, Steven! Here’s to many happy years in the future.

Check out some of the great photos Allen and Tori were able to capture in the gallery below.

Written by Danika Lam

Sixteen Candles, Janique Style

As per tradition here in America, a girl’s got to have a really poppin’ party for her sixteenth birthday. It’s her sweet sixteen, after all! So a great party is exactly what Janique got.

Janique’s parents threw her a surprise birthday party at Bowlmor Lanes in San Jose earlier this month, and surprised she was. Her face was ecstatic when she came in with all her friends, and she couldn’t help but dance. Luckily, Tori and Allen were there on the scene to capture the whole thing.

The energy of the group went to a whole new level when a special surprise was revealed. None other than Derek King, the up-and-coming R&B artist from Oakland, showed up to hang out. He and his crew bowled with everyone and posed for group photos. Derek even gave Janique a birthday kiss.

If that’s not enough excitement for one day, there was yet another surprise… Former American Idol contestant, DeAndre Brackensick was invited to hang out as well! He received a proper greeting with hugs and all, and danced with the guests, just spreading around some good vibes.

Meanwhile, Tori and Allen snapped about a million photos, including a few on the “red carpet”. A backdrop had been setup for Janique and her friends to pose in front of, so they could be celebrities for the day.

In the end, the party turned out to be four hours of fun, and Janique’s mom was so happy with the success it turned out to be. It was our pleasure to photograph all the smiles and laughter. Happy birthday, Janique!

Be sure to check out some of the photos from the event in the gallery below!