behind the scenes

"You Know" by Idara Udoffia (Official Music Video)

“Sunlight, come find me… Even if it doesn’t, you will."

Shooting a music video is always a unique experience, for every song tells its own story. Idara Udoffia’s “You Know” is no exception.

The day began early for our team, even before the sun had risen. After a 4am wake-up call and a 5am departure from the ISM headquarters, all the equipment was packed into the car and the team was on their way to Half Moon Bay.

Even at 6am, when they arrived at their first destination to meet up with the rest of the day’s company, the sun was sound asleep and the sky was still dark with night. Enter Idara Udoffia (the recording artist and female lead), Leslie Tong (the make-up artist), and Tasche (the male lead and a fellow recording artist). After quick introductions, it was showtime.

Lights were set up and Leslie got to work on Tasche’s makeup while Allen and Tori prepared the cameras. The usual routine was a bit more exciting than usual on this occasion thanks to the arrival of our brand new camera: the Sony a7S, a full frame mirrorless camera known for its low-light capabilities and high quality HD video. It had arrived just the day before and Allen was ready to see what it could do, especially when paired up with his usual weapon of choice: the DEFY G5 gimbal.

Before anyone knew it, the sun had made an appearance, casting shades of orange, pink, and purple across the sky (you’ll notice this transition in the lighting as you go through the gallery of behind-the-scenes photos). It was soon swallowed up by expansive cloud cover, signaling that it was time to get the cameras rolling for the first scene of the video.

The team gathered up the equipment and everyone made the short trek to the first location: a bridge spanning a small stream.

Here, Allen and Tori captured some simple performance shots from multiple angles as well as a few intimate moments between Idara and Tasche. Idara explained that “You Know” is “about a person who’s in a place that is kind of down… and then always having that one person that can pull you away from that” and in the video, Tasche plays the love interest who can always find her, even in the darkest of places. The resulting concept of the video is quite simple in that Idara finds herself in a variety of places, but Tasche always appears on the scene, ready to support her.

This brought us to a completely new location: a beach/harbor area overlooking coastal plants and endless ocean. As soon as our team arrived, they began scoping out the best places to shoot while Idara and Tasche had their first costume change. Then came additional performance shots and a bit of frolicking along the sand. We even had a surprise visit from a black labrador named Jesse who insisted on playing fetch. Jesse makes an appearance in our behind-the-scenes photos (and a behind-the-scenes video that's coming soon!).

The morning soon became early afternoon, and our two actors had their final costume change, preparing for “the picnic scene”. Allen and Tori picked out a nice, grassy spot for the “lovers” to lay out their blanket and make a toast to their love, and the two put on their best acting faces. It was here that the final clip of the video was filmed, wrapping up both the shoot and the music video itself. If you haven’t already, watch the final product at the top of this blog post and take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos below. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming behind-the-scenes video of this shoot!

We hope you enjoy this visual creation for Idara Udoffia’s “You Know” and we thank everyone involved for helping to tell the story behind the song.

Written by Danika Lam