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A New Perspective!

In this day and age, the technology used to capture photo, video, and audio seems to become more advanced with every passing day. To keep up with all the cutting edge equipment available, IvorySky Media has placed an order for the new DEFY G5.

This is an exciting new product that changes the way that video can be captured.

DSLR cameras revolutionized photography and video with their large sensors, allowing high quality content, shallow depth of field, and exchangeable lenses, all in a very compact camera body. All of this contributes to a cinematic look that can be created at a fraction of the cost of previous systems. But there's a trade-off: stabilization becomes a constant issue. It's a constant of question of how to get motion footage that doesn't have a handheld, home-video look.

Solutions like tripods, cranes and Glidecams (which IvorySky Media employs regularly) are good in that they are inexpensive, portable, and not extremely difficult to use.  The problem with these are that they take a very long time to set up, balance, and are limited in the type of lenses and focusing options. The Glidecam for instance cannot be focused once it's been set up and recording has begun, so the depth of field must be deep in order to keep everything in focus. Not very cinematic. A tripod is good in that you can control focus and pan, but cannot move or change perspective. Not very fun. A crane is great in that you can sweep left, right, high, and low, but it isn't useful in tight spaces, or for more than a short scene. Try walking down a street with a crane... Not possible! 

So in comes the DEFY G5: one of many new "motorized brushless gimbals" that have been announced for delivery in 2014. A motorized gimbal is a camera accessory unit that balances the camera's horizontal axis and can pivot on 3 axes to create smooth motion and reduce camera shake from moving the camera while holding it.  The main difference between these gimbals and previous solutions is that, with the proper accessories, a single operator can fly their camera and control motion smoothly, and focus! The system is adaptable on the fly (unlike Glidecam), easy to balance, lightweight, and easy to operate. Most importantly, the resulting footage is amazing! 

Now operators can walk (or run) alongside their on-camera subjects and get smooth motion without being stuck on a tripod. Want to get a 360-degree shot around a subject in a park? No problem. A shot on a boat or in a fast-moving vehicle without bumpy footage? No problem. A shot from a helicopter? No problem. Want to do a music video in one take where the artist walks through the city? Not only is this possible, but we are planning on it!  

Expected delivery of the gimbal is January or February 2014. To check it out or give it a spin on your upcoming video project, contact us and let us know what you have in mind! We'd love to really test the limits of this amazing product, so let your imagination run wild! 

Written by Allen Ross