Santa Cruz

Sue Ann & Jerome

     SueAnn and Jerome were married on August 8th, 2015 among the majestic redwoods of Felton, California and were joined by ISM’s Allen Ross and two guest videographers. We were referred to the couple by Tracy Lim, one of our very first wedding clients whom SueAnn was a bridesmaid for. As such, this wedding was a pleasant reunion and a good opportunity to look at how we’ve grown over the years.

   This particular wedding was unique in terms of atmosphere and tone. The couple chose Roaring Camp Railroads as the location for their wedding allowing for an abundance of picturesque nature shots, while the trains gave us an interesting vantage point for shooting, immersing us in the area as we were literally taken for a ride through the woods. Additionally, Catholic tradition was present on the occasion since SueAnn and Jerome wanted to incorporate their faith as a part of their marriage. These two factors made post-production interesting by allowing our editor Kristine to combine the whimsicality of the venue with the couple’s strong spirituality.

    Kristine had an opportunity to play around with Final Cut Pro presets for this highlight. She focused on vibrant looks in order to enhance the couple’s already warm vibe and complement the scenic locale. She also used color and light to create a consistent, seamless look throughout the film.

    With locomotives being the central attractions at the venue, movement felt like an important contributor to the flow of the highlight. In order to capture this, Kristine relied heavily on Allen’s gimbal and drone footage. Nearly every shot in the highlight video contains some sort of tracking (as opposed to pans and booms added in post) which complements the musical choices while also progressing the narrative with natural movement.

    Lastly, Kristine experimented with time-shifting for the highlight, opting to focus on the messages conveyed through dialogue, the flow of the music, and the mood of the event. Allen offered guests the opportunity to send their best wishes to the couple via video, which added much more verbal elements in post, as opposed to the usual vow and speech combination. As for the music, Kristine’s song choices for the film also complement each other and transition naturally, despite both conveying very different feelings.

    In the end, the progression worked remarkably well and tells the beautiful story of the couple’s unification in holy matrimony. Congratulations to SueAnn and Jerome and well done Kristine and Allen!

Written by Nicholas Troughton