Santa Clara

Blanca & Chris

On a hot day in September, our ISM team made the trek out to the East Bay with Blanca and Chris to document their gorgeous, traditional wedding.

The day began with our team split up into the usual groups to capture the bride and groom getting ready at their individual hotels in Downtown San Jose. Jenny and Allen (with the gimbal) stuck with the bride at the Marriott while Tori and Frank tracked the groom's progress at the Sainte Claire. A funny coincidence, Tori, Frank, and the groomsmen stumbled upon a few Chicago Bears players during an elevator ride. The group couldn't help but cheer them on and urge them to beat the 49ers. Back up in their separate rooms, the bride and groom donned their dress and suit respectively and opened gifts they had sent each other. Blanca gave Chris a Movado watch while he gave his wife-to-be a pair of earrings. This gesture was only one of many that displayed the couple's kind, down-to-earth nature. With beautiful smiles on and fully clad in their finest attire, Blanca and Chris made their way to Santa Clara Mission for the wedding ceremony.

It was a traditional Catholic affair, with a twist: a mariachi band provided the music as the couple tied the knot. The band followed the guests into cocktail hour and facilitated the transition to the reception. Together, the wedding party and all the family and friends made their way to Casa Real Vineyard in Pleasanton, the final destination and location of the reception. It was a stunning venue, perfect for a photo shoot and an evening of celebration. In the highlight video, you'll notice how the vineyard backdrop only added to the elegance and classy, vintage aura of the couple. Our editors couldn't help but use a bit of slow motion during the photo session scenes just to highlight the details.

All day long, the bride and groom were extremely accommodating and a joy to work with. They were cooperative and enthusiastic about having fun with the video: you'll notice the moments when the groomsmen all jump into the air and when the bride and groom act out a game of hide and seek before the camera. Coordinating with the photographer, Stacey Pentland, was a pleasant experience and we look forward to working with her in the future. To see the photos she took of the event, check out her blog post. Overall, it was truly a day to remember, for the couple, their guests, and our ISM team as well.

Congratulations to Chris and Blanca Salazar! Enjoy their highlight video below.

Written by Danika Lam

Steven Gaffeney's 50th

In Early September, Allen and Tori found themselves at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, experiencing a bit more than they bargained for. Originally, the only thing meant to be taking place at the stadium that day was Steven Gaffeney’s 50th birthday celebration. But there was a last minute change.

While Steven’s party was surely still the main event, it seemed that a soccer game was destined to happen that day as well. So not only was Steven treated to a lovely meal with family and friends, but also to a front row seat at the first international soccer match ever hosted at Levi’s Stadium. Literally. Steven’s party took place right next to the field; Allen and Tori could step right onto the same grass as the players. It was any sports fan’s dream.

All of the guests were more than happy to go with the flow and accept the change of plans. Everyone had a great time and there were plenty of smiles and laughs to go around. (And guests couldn’t help but Instagram a bit of the game!)

Happy birthday, Steven! Here’s to many happy years in the future.

Check out some of the great photos Allen and Tori were able to capture in the gallery below.

Written by Danika Lam