Explore: The Philippines 2014

Ivory Sky Media's CEO, Allen Ross, recently had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in the Philippines, playing basketball, engaging with the locals on a personal level, and experiencing the culture.

From December 27, 2013 to January 11, 2014 I traveled with the World Harvest Ministries basketball team to Lucena City and surrounding areas of the Philippines in order to play basketball and invite audiences to sign up for a Bible study on a future date. The team played 3-4 games a day and during the game, players handed out flyers for the crowd to read. Tom Randall and his boys provided an amazing halftime show to get the crowds really excited. They performed basketball moves and tricks and rode unicycles while playing basketball.

Ultimately one of the players from our team would share their testimony. The crowd is given pens to fill out the information on the flyer, which invites them to attend a future Bible study.

This trip we gathered more than 6,500 flyers from the audiences!

I will never forget the time I spent with the players on the team, the sacrifices everyone made on the trip, and the amazing hospitality of the Filipino people.

-Allen Ross

Here are some of the wonderful photos he took during his travels!

Written by Danika Lam