NAB Show 2014

NAB Show 2014

This year, Allen and Tori had the pleasure of attending the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, this is dubbed "the event for people passionate about content." Thousands of people come together to discuss electronic media, check out the latest technology, and share knowledge and ideas.

It was especially exciting to chat with all the vendors, particularly Defy, who's responsible for producing our brand new gimbal that's currently on its way.

In addition to this, Allen and Tori were able to try out a variety of gear, meet other people in the business, and even win new software (iZotope RX 3) and a thousand-dollar hard drive in the convention-wide raffle. In order to receive the prize, Allen had to jump up and down and scream with excitement up on stage, with everyone watching. He was more than happy to do it.

Coming home with new water bottles, business cards, and other trinkets from the event, our team will definitely be returning in the future.


Written by Danika Lam