Golden State Warriors

Tracy & Ross

This wedding was truly a celebration of love. Tracy and Ross were a fun couple to work with, which made this wedding so much fun to film. It was an outdoor wedding ceremony held in Emeryville, CA and had the most beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay. Before the ceremony started we were able to film shots of the bride and groom getting ready. Allen was with the bride and I was with the groom. Filming the groom was a lot of fun! He and the guys were pretty chill and didn't mind me being in their space at all. I was able to connect with them as soon as I saw all the retro Jordan shoes lined up. (I'm a huge sneaker-head, so this immediately caught my attention). 

The ceremony was beautiful and touching. Tracy and Ross decided to write their own vows and literally had everyone in tears. The shots that were most important for the ceremony were many of the up close shots getting both the bride and groom's reaction to the vows. We knew we had to get them since Tracy was adamant about getting footage of Ross crying and she definitely pulled that off.

The reception was actually one of my most favorite events to film. Since Tracy and Ross were huge sports fans they had a very cool bridal party entrance narrated by the Golden State Warriors hype-man Franco Finn. That was the highlight of the entire night for me :-) . 

The night concluded with more touching moments of the father-daughter dance and the bride and groom's first dance. You can tell there was a lot of love in the room.

We wish Tracy & Ross nothing but the best!

Written by Tori Green