Defy G5

Ashley & Erwin

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On July 25, 2015 the ISM team joined Ashley and Erwin on their wedding day.  The wedding was covered by our all-girl team that consisted of Kristine, Anna, and Tori.  Kristine covered the Bride using a Sony a57 . Rather than using the Gimbal for this wedding Anna used a Glidecam with Kristine's Canon 60D to capture all of the movement shots as well as a Sony a57s while focusing on the Groom getting ready. Tori was able to direct both Kristine and Anna while being able to cover the venue using another Sony a7s. 

What better a place to meet and fall in love with your other half than in Hawaii.  While Ashley and Erwin lived there they got to see Jack Johnson, Anthea and Paula Fuga.  Did I mention their first dance song was going to be Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”? Because it was, and these songs will forever remind them of the time they met and fell in love.

Ashley was truly glowing with excitement while she was preparing to change her name.  The couple had exchanged gifts using their pug, Duchess, to share a little love. Erwin gave Ashley a pair of gold embellished flats for her to wear during the reception.  Ashley gifted Erwin a sweet pair of RayBan sunglasses, which he wore during their photo session.

A very special moment that took place after getting ready was when Ashley had her first look, not with Erwin, but with her father and step-father.  Now that she had the love and support of these two men, she was ready to become Mrs. Defensor.

The wedding ceremony was held in the Memorial Church on campus at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA and the drive there was beautiful on such a perfect day.  This venue also commemorated Erwin’s new job at Stanford! 

The bridal party had a great time with Kristine during their photo session amongst the hand-carved columns, and afterwards, she was able to capture the couple whispering into the whisper circle, where one person whispers on one corner of a semi-circle stone bench, and the person on the other side of the bench can hear . 

The lovely couple commemorated their love for adventure than with an Alice in Wonderland themed cocktail hour and reception that were held at Garden Court Hotel?  The courtyard of the hotel was where the party started with the themed photo booth and took the stage with large paper flowers as a backdrop.

The couple decorated the tables with handmade tissue flowers, and each guest received a teacup with a matching saucer for the perfect Alice in Wonderland themed tea party.  Before the celebrations ended, the couple made sure to give thanks to their family and friends for helping and supporting their marriage. Ashley's sister and maid of honor toasted to the couple first, ending on a teary note despite having practiced with Ashley earlier in the day. ISM also recognized Jeff, Erwin's brother and best man, whose wedding we had shot last year, and who gave the second toast of the night. Then, instead of a "money dance," the couple had an "advice dance," where friends and family would give advice to the couple as they danced with each of them.  During the reception, Ashley had a father-daughter dance with both her step-father and father, and the whole family toasted to Erwin's father, who had passed and could only be at the celebration in spirit. The rest of the night, the couple enjoyed the presence of their family with plenty of love and laughter.

There are no combination of words we can say, but we know, it's always better when you're together!

Congratulations to this dynamic duo: The Defensors

Written by Olivia Azevedo

Aaron & Leilani

Aaron and Leilani Baugh became newlyweds on May 15, 2015 in Pleasanton, CA in front of family and friends from near and far. I've actually been friends with Aaron since 2002 and I met Leilani shortly after Aaron started dating her. 

Aaron plays bass guitar for a band that I also played keyboards for, and for years we'd talk about the music industry and chord progressions. Now, he is focused on his new wife and his son Mason while we look forward to the next opportunity to play our instruments together. 

As for the wedding? It was a beautiful hot day when we arrived at the hotel to film Leilani getting ready. I was able to witness some of the vows being written and even some pregame nerves from the bride. All-in-all, the ladies made it in time to the lovely Palm Event Center where Leilani slipped into her dress, ready to impress!

We brought a 4-camera-crew, shooting with two Sony a7s' and using the Defy G5 gimbal for many of the cinematic shots. The a7s really captured the ambiance well, with the Palm being dimly lit for the ceremony. The reception presented its challenges because the dance floor was lit from above while the outlying areas (including the sweetheart table) were dimly lit with candles. 

The exchange of the vows during the ceremony was excellent, with elements of love and humor woven in. The photo session was short, but captured a bit of the vineyard and property view. The reception featured a surprise when Leilani appeared in a second wedding dress alongside Chinese Lion Dancers!

I am excited and honored to have been a part of my friends' wedding day and am proud to have created a highlight video to commemorate the day!

Written by Allen Ross