Corinthian Event Center

Rochelle & Donte

Donte and Rochelle were certainly a couple with character, and their wedding party was nothing but lively. In such spirited company, this wedding was plenty of fun. In Downtown San Jose at the Corinthian Event Center, the couple tied the knot amid supportive family and friends.

Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Event Center, and the couple arrived at the venue ready for the happiest day of their lives. The bride was beautiful and ever so sweet while the groom was a sincere guy who couldn't help but have fun no matter what he was doing.

As for our own team, Allen and Felisha were on the scene taking photos (but, of course, Allen had to spend a little time manning the gimbal) while AJ Feurtado was there to lend a hand. In charge of videography, Tori and Jenny made sure to capture every moment. A little fun fact in regards to Ivory Sky Media history, Rochelle's brother (who appears in the highlight video) played "the other man" in the "?uestion Love" music video we created with Dshyne Phresh just over a year ago.

Now, after the first look and a lovely ceremony that ended with joyful cheers and a bit of dancing down the aisle, the bride, groom, and wedding party posed for some timeless photos. The Corinthian provided an epic backdrop, providing a balcony with steps inside and a classical setting with pillars outside. Scroll down to the gallery at the end of this post to check out a few of the photos!

Following the photo shoot and cocktail hour came the reception, which opened with a Grand Reveal. The newlyweds saw the ballroom fully clad in decorations for the first time. The interior was beautiful, and of course, a reception wouldn't be complete without a photo booth or a dessert table! The entire event was decorated according to the design of wedding coordinator Tony White from Extreme Elegance Events by Tony. The ambience and atmosphere were certainly enjoyed by all. When the night came to a close, the guests lit sparklers and stood on the steps outside, allowing the couple to make their final Grand Exit.

Congratulations Donte and Rochelle Sadler!

Take a look at the wedding in all its glory in the highlight video below.

Written by Danika Lam