Christian Worship Center

Maria & David

From the booking side of things, our team hopped on this wedding train at the last minute. There were only three days left until the big day when the groom, David, requested our services. After seeing how dedicated he was to providing his wife-to-be with an amazing wedding day, we were more than happy to help him document it.

Maria and David became Mr. and Mrs. Villanueva on June 21, 2014 at the Christian Worship Center in Milpitas, California. The ceremony went smoothly and all the guests were shining with happiness for the couple. Maria and David certainly weren't the only ones bursting with excitement about their marriage. Friends and family were extremely supportive, which was evident in the vast size of their wedding party.

After the ceremony, the wedding party, guests, and ISM team made their way to the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton for the reception. Tori and Allen were in good spirits, as everything was working seamlessly and the whole event exuded a very chill atmosphere. The DJ was fabulous, the kids flocked to the candy bar, and the adults danced the night away.

One truly special moment was the cutting of the cake, which Maria was unable to eat due to dietary restrictions. But when it was time to make the first slice, David surprised Maria with her own personal, gluten-free cake. Small enough to fit in her hands and made just for her, it was a true symbol of their love.

Watch Maria and David's wedding highlight below!

Written by Danika Lam