Jessica Anderson - Rule The World

Written by Tori Green

Ivory Sky Media had the privilege to work with up and coming artist, Jessica Anderson,  "Jessica Lá Rel." Our shoot was a span of two separate days, both taking place on the Stanford campus. We used so many different techniques on this shoot, including the Defy g5 Gimbal, the Atomos Ninja Flame, and of course our trusty a7s cameras. We shot in several locations on campus with the main location being the CCRMA building. We took advantage of the beautiful architecture in the front of the building with Jessica's solo shots. And although not every shot was used, we definitely had a lot to choose from in the editing process.

It was great working with Jessica on this project and we wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. 

For information about Jessica, check out her website Jessica Lá Rel and her new EP "Four Freedoms."

Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority @ SJSU

ISM joined the active members of Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority, the founding Chapter at San Jose State University, to capture their chapter pictures.  Kristine was the photographer for the day and she had a great time with all of the lovely ladies from Sigma Theta Psi at the Rose Garden. 

There are a few familiar faces in the group, like Alia Tull whose Senior Portraits we captured earlier this year, also our very own ISM team member Tori Green, followed by the many faces that you could've recognized from the USFC Info Night Fall 2015, USFC Info Night Fall 2014, or the USFC Info Night Spring 2014.  

And of course every good photo shoot isn't complete without a wardrobe malfunction or two. 

Written by Olivia Azevedo

Julius Turman's 50th Birthday

A Celebration Fit for A King

Fifty is a remarkable milestone to hit in one’s life. It means one has experienced so much in life and has wisdom and experience in their back pocket to excel in the next fifty years. Julius Turman, a pillar in the San Francisco community and current Vice President of the San Francisco Police Commission, held a stunning affair at the San Francisco Design Center that was as phenomenal and fabulous as he is, and Ivory Sky Media was on deck to capture the event.

Julius’ family, friends and coworkers came to celebrate a man who has done so much for the San Francisco LGBTQ community, the city of San Francisco itself, and for them personally. The night was filled with laughter, speeches, dancing and a few singing performances, one which featured, Leilani Bush, whose wedding we did earlier in the year

I was able to capture the beautiful decor of the venue, while my assistant Quinn captured all of Juilius’ guests mingling and enjoying the event before the night’s program begun. 

Many of Julius’ friends from his childhood, family and close friends got on stage to say a few words about their good friend that enlightened many on how dynamic of a man Julius is.

In Julius’ own words, “Tonight…is not, and never was meant to be and never will be a celebration of me. It is a celebration of the love, support and friendship I’ve received from so many people.”

Check out the video highlight below of the night’s festivities. 

Written by Tori Green

Sue Ann & Jerome

     SueAnn and Jerome were married on August 8th, 2015 among the majestic redwoods of Felton, California and were joined by ISM’s Allen Ross and two guest videographers. We were referred to the couple by Tracy Lim, one of our very first wedding clients whom SueAnn was a bridesmaid for. As such, this wedding was a pleasant reunion and a good opportunity to look at how we’ve grown over the years.

   This particular wedding was unique in terms of atmosphere and tone. The couple chose Roaring Camp Railroads as the location for their wedding allowing for an abundance of picturesque nature shots, while the trains gave us an interesting vantage point for shooting, immersing us in the area as we were literally taken for a ride through the woods. Additionally, Catholic tradition was present on the occasion since SueAnn and Jerome wanted to incorporate their faith as a part of their marriage. These two factors made post-production interesting by allowing our editor Kristine to combine the whimsicality of the venue with the couple’s strong spirituality.

    Kristine had an opportunity to play around with Final Cut Pro presets for this highlight. She focused on vibrant looks in order to enhance the couple’s already warm vibe and complement the scenic locale. She also used color and light to create a consistent, seamless look throughout the film.

    With locomotives being the central attractions at the venue, movement felt like an important contributor to the flow of the highlight. In order to capture this, Kristine relied heavily on Allen’s gimbal and drone footage. Nearly every shot in the highlight video contains some sort of tracking (as opposed to pans and booms added in post) which complements the musical choices while also progressing the narrative with natural movement.

    Lastly, Kristine experimented with time-shifting for the highlight, opting to focus on the messages conveyed through dialogue, the flow of the music, and the mood of the event. Allen offered guests the opportunity to send their best wishes to the couple via video, which added much more verbal elements in post, as opposed to the usual vow and speech combination. As for the music, Kristine’s song choices for the film also complement each other and transition naturally, despite both conveying very different feelings.

    In the end, the progression worked remarkably well and tells the beautiful story of the couple’s unification in holy matrimony. Congratulations to SueAnn and Jerome and well done Kristine and Allen!

Written by Nicholas Troughton

USFC Info Night Fall 2015 @ SJSU

Spartans all ways always @ SJSU! 


Looking for the footage from USFC Info Night Fall 2014? Click here!

Ivory Sky Media is back at San Jose State for round 3 of the United Sorority and Fraternity Council Info Night of Fall 2015. The event was held in Cesar Chavez Plaza where fraternities and sororities of the council joined together to show potential new members what it would be like as a member of their organization. Potential members and onlookers got to see a glimpse of what Greek life is all about when some of the organizations gave small performances or just a brief history of who they are.

Weren't at the event?

Check out the pictures above and video posted below!

(p.s. "Right Click" a photo and choose "Save-as" to download an HD version of the photo to your computer. Also, you can download all the photos by clicking here!)

Written by Tori Green

Shani & Jaime


In a way, the Morales wedding was a bit of a (church) family reunion for both the guests and our team. The lovely Shani, bride and woman of the hour, is the daughter of the esteemed Virginia Roberts, an inspiring minister whose life we encapsulated in a short documentary to commemorate her retirement back in 2013. Shani herself used to serve as the director of the children's choir that ISM COO Tori Green sang with when she was young. Not only was the day a celebration of a lifelong union to come, but also of memories made in the many years that have passed.

Giving its blessing for such a happy event, the sun shined down upon Hiddenbrooke Golf Club, casting a glow of warm yellow across all the guests' faces as they arrived. June 20th turned out to be a gorgeous day, indeed. Meanwhile, Shani donned her wedding dress, a piece as unique as her with its peplum style and black floral detailing. In their own green room, the groomsmen came together for a pre-ceremony toast, taking a few moments to rally for the big moment. And then there they stood, waiting in front of the altar as Shani came down the aisle arm-in-arm with her brother. Singers Anthone Jackson and Tracy Cruz helped make the moment special, and the former pastor of Shani's church sealed the deal as the officiant. It was a truly a beautiful ceremony, performed in two languages (English and Spanish) and closed with a "Sí, I do."

Following the ceremony, Allen swept the bridal party away for a photoshoot while Tori made sure to capture plenty of B-roll before the reception. The guests mingled at cocktail hour and awaited the bride and groom's grand entrance. When it was time to get the party started, the bridesmaids and groomsmen came waltzing in with their color-coordinated Chuck Taylors. The bride and groom themselves spotted their candy bar and hurried to fill their own bags of sweets and Shani saw her wedding cake for the first time. Crafted by Andrew Moss, a pastry chef based out of Miami, the cake completely floored Shani. Being her childhood friend, Shani had entrusted Andrew with the design of the cake, and it seems she placed her faith in the right man. It's easy to see in the photos Allen snapped just how much she loved her five-tiered cake (each layer a different flavor!).

The night wore on and after a few toasts, there was plenty of fun to be had. Dancing ensued and guests flooded the photo booth. The DJ played a bit of Latino music and the money dance was a real crowd favorite at this wedding reception. Everyone had a wonderful time, especially the bride and groom. Shani and Jaime exemplify the idea of marrying one's best friend, as it's clear how much they enjoy each other's company. Their playful attitudes spread from guest to guest, making it quite a laid back shoot for our team.

In post-production, we strived to create that "old school romantic" feel that the couple was going for. We think the Stevie Wonder and black and white effects really brought out that classic vibe. See for yourself in their highlight video below, and then check out the gallery of some of our favorite photos.

Congratulations, Jaime and Shani Morales!

Written by Danika Lam

Aaron & Leilani

Aaron and Leilani Baugh became newlyweds on May 15, 2015 in Pleasanton, CA in front of family and friends from near and far. I've actually been friends with Aaron since 2002 and I met Leilani shortly after Aaron started dating her. 

Aaron plays bass guitar for a band that I also played keyboards for, and for years we'd talk about the music industry and chord progressions. Now, he is focused on his new wife and his son Mason while we look forward to the next opportunity to play our instruments together. 

As for the wedding? It was a beautiful hot day when we arrived at the hotel to film Leilani getting ready. I was able to witness some of the vows being written and even some pregame nerves from the bride. All-in-all, the ladies made it in time to the lovely Palm Event Center where Leilani slipped into her dress, ready to impress!

We brought a 4-camera-crew, shooting with two Sony a7s' and using the Defy G5 gimbal for many of the cinematic shots. The a7s really captured the ambiance well, with the Palm being dimly lit for the ceremony. The reception presented its challenges because the dance floor was lit from above while the outlying areas (including the sweetheart table) were dimly lit with candles. 

The exchange of the vows during the ceremony was excellent, with elements of love and humor woven in. The photo session was short, but captured a bit of the vineyard and property view. The reception featured a surprise when Leilani appeared in a second wedding dress alongside Chinese Lion Dancers!

I am excited and honored to have been a part of my friends' wedding day and am proud to have created a highlight video to commemorate the day!

Written by Allen Ross

Infuse Program Foundation 2015

Another year working with the Infuse Program Foundation has come to a close, and another group of entrepreneurs has been crowned the winner!

For those of you who don't know, the Infuse Program Foundation is "a non-profit organization committed to democratizing entrepreneurial education and resources in inner-city communities." High school students are brought together to learn the ins and outs of running a business, and the entire program culminates in a competition where each group pitches their own product!

This year, all the hard work took place at the Google campus, and the tech company was gracious enough to host the final night of competition: a Symposium of Ideas. Each group had their turn to own the stage and present an original product, hoping to win the favor of both the audience and the panel of judges. In the end, it was WaterSave that came out on top, with their drought-conscious shower head. Regardless of their only being one winner, however, there is no doubt that each individual student truly shined while on stage. It's impressive and humbling to see how far these kids have come.

We are honored to have attended and documented such a great event and to have created the introduction video that kicked off the night (see below). We love working with such an inspiring organization and we thank Infuse Founder AJ Thomas for allowing us to be a part of something that helps to better our community.


Written by Danika Lam

Haeyeon's 50th

When Haeyeon's kids decided to throw her a party for her fiftieth birthday, there's no doubt that she was surprised, as the party took place months away from her actual birthdate. She unsuspiciously walked into Eagles Hall on March 29th to find a 70s-themed event planned especially for her.

A smaller, more intimate affair, the party was a pleasure to shoot, very laid back and relaxed. Family and friends mingled and danced to the live music played by a funk-style band. One of Haeyeon's daughters even gave a special performance, singing "Rock Steady" for her mother.

Personal touches here and there made the party genuine and heartfelt. Guests signed a banner, leaving messages and birthday wishes for Haeyeon. A slideshow played in the background throughout the night, showing images of Haeyeon through the years. Haeyeon's other daughter even made the cake herself!

It was clear that Haeyeon truly enjoyed herself and was grateful for what her loved ones had done for her. She was even caught tearing up on a few different occasions! Get a glimpse of the joy and the fun for yourself in a highlight video that we created of the party.

Written by Danika Lam

"You Know" by Idara Udoffia (Official Music Video)

“Sunlight, come find me… Even if it doesn’t, you will."

Shooting a music video is always a unique experience, for every song tells its own story. Idara Udoffia’s “You Know” is no exception.

The day began early for our team, even before the sun had risen. After a 4am wake-up call and a 5am departure from the ISM headquarters, all the equipment was packed into the car and the team was on their way to Half Moon Bay.

Even at 6am, when they arrived at their first destination to meet up with the rest of the day’s company, the sun was sound asleep and the sky was still dark with night. Enter Idara Udoffia (the recording artist and female lead), Leslie Tong (the make-up artist), and Tasche (the male lead and a fellow recording artist). After quick introductions, it was showtime.

Lights were set up and Leslie got to work on Tasche’s makeup while Allen and Tori prepared the cameras. The usual routine was a bit more exciting than usual on this occasion thanks to the arrival of our brand new camera: the Sony a7S, a full frame mirrorless camera known for its low-light capabilities and high quality HD video. It had arrived just the day before and Allen was ready to see what it could do, especially when paired up with his usual weapon of choice: the DEFY G5 gimbal.

Before anyone knew it, the sun had made an appearance, casting shades of orange, pink, and purple across the sky (you’ll notice this transition in the lighting as you go through the gallery of behind-the-scenes photos). It was soon swallowed up by expansive cloud cover, signaling that it was time to get the cameras rolling for the first scene of the video.

The team gathered up the equipment and everyone made the short trek to the first location: a bridge spanning a small stream.

Here, Allen and Tori captured some simple performance shots from multiple angles as well as a few intimate moments between Idara and Tasche. Idara explained that “You Know” is “about a person who’s in a place that is kind of down… and then always having that one person that can pull you away from that” and in the video, Tasche plays the love interest who can always find her, even in the darkest of places. The resulting concept of the video is quite simple in that Idara finds herself in a variety of places, but Tasche always appears on the scene, ready to support her.

This brought us to a completely new location: a beach/harbor area overlooking coastal plants and endless ocean. As soon as our team arrived, they began scoping out the best places to shoot while Idara and Tasche had their first costume change. Then came additional performance shots and a bit of frolicking along the sand. We even had a surprise visit from a black labrador named Jesse who insisted on playing fetch. Jesse makes an appearance in our behind-the-scenes photos (and a behind-the-scenes video that's coming soon!).

The morning soon became early afternoon, and our two actors had their final costume change, preparing for “the picnic scene”. Allen and Tori picked out a nice, grassy spot for the “lovers” to lay out their blanket and make a toast to their love, and the two put on their best acting faces. It was here that the final clip of the video was filmed, wrapping up both the shoot and the music video itself. If you haven’t already, watch the final product at the top of this blog post and take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos below. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming behind-the-scenes video of this shoot!

We hope you enjoy this visual creation for Idara Udoffia’s “You Know” and we thank everyone involved for helping to tell the story behind the song.