Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority @ SJSU

ISM joined the active members of Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority, the founding Chapter at San Jose State University, to capture their chapter pictures.  Kristine was the photographer for the day and she had a great time with all of the lovely ladies from Sigma Theta Psi at the Rose Garden. 

There are a few familiar faces in the group, like Alia Tull whose Senior Portraits we captured earlier this year, also our very own ISM team member Tori Green, followed by the many faces that you could've recognized from the USFC Info Night Fall 2015, USFC Info Night Fall 2014, or the USFC Info Night Spring 2014.  

And of course every good photo shoot isn't complete without a wardrobe malfunction or two. 

Written by Olivia Azevedo

USFC Info Night Fall 2015 @ SJSU

Spartans all ways always @ SJSU! 


Looking for the footage from USFC Info Night Fall 2014? Click here!

Ivory Sky Media is back at San Jose State for round 3 of the United Sorority and Fraternity Council Info Night of Fall 2015. The event was held in Cesar Chavez Plaza where fraternities and sororities of the council joined together to show potential new members what it would be like as a member of their organization. Potential members and onlookers got to see a glimpse of what Greek life is all about when some of the organizations gave small performances or just a brief history of who they are.

Weren't at the event?

Check out the pictures above and video posted below!

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Written by Tori Green

Shani & Jaime


In a way, the Morales wedding was a bit of a (church) family reunion for both the guests and our team. The lovely Shani, bride and woman of the hour, is the daughter of the esteemed Virginia Roberts, an inspiring minister whose life we encapsulated in a short documentary to commemorate her retirement back in 2013. Shani herself used to serve as the director of the children's choir that ISM COO Tori Green sang with when she was young. Not only was the day a celebration of a lifelong union to come, but also of memories made in the many years that have passed.

Giving its blessing for such a happy event, the sun shined down upon Hiddenbrooke Golf Club, casting a glow of warm yellow across all the guests' faces as they arrived. June 20th turned out to be a gorgeous day, indeed. Meanwhile, Shani donned her wedding dress, a piece as unique as her with its peplum style and black floral detailing. In their own green room, the groomsmen came together for a pre-ceremony toast, taking a few moments to rally for the big moment. And then there they stood, waiting in front of the altar as Shani came down the aisle arm-in-arm with her brother. Singers Anthone Jackson and Tracy Cruz helped make the moment special, and the former pastor of Shani's church sealed the deal as the officiant. It was a truly a beautiful ceremony, performed in two languages (English and Spanish) and closed with a "Sí, I do."

Following the ceremony, Allen swept the bridal party away for a photoshoot while Tori made sure to capture plenty of B-roll before the reception. The guests mingled at cocktail hour and awaited the bride and groom's grand entrance. When it was time to get the party started, the bridesmaids and groomsmen came waltzing in with their color-coordinated Chuck Taylors. The bride and groom themselves spotted their candy bar and hurried to fill their own bags of sweets and Shani saw her wedding cake for the first time. Crafted by Andrew Moss, a pastry chef based out of Miami, the cake completely floored Shani. Being her childhood friend, Shani had entrusted Andrew with the design of the cake, and it seems she placed her faith in the right man. It's easy to see in the photos Allen snapped just how much she loved her five-tiered cake (each layer a different flavor!).

The night wore on and after a few toasts, there was plenty of fun to be had. Dancing ensued and guests flooded the photo booth. The DJ played a bit of Latino music and the money dance was a real crowd favorite at this wedding reception. Everyone had a wonderful time, especially the bride and groom. Shani and Jaime exemplify the idea of marrying one's best friend, as it's clear how much they enjoy each other's company. Their playful attitudes spread from guest to guest, making it quite a laid back shoot for our team.

In post-production, we strived to create that "old school romantic" feel that the couple was going for. We think the Stevie Wonder and black and white effects really brought out that classic vibe. See for yourself in their highlight video below, and then check out the gallery of some of our favorite photos.

Congratulations, Jaime and Shani Morales!

Written by Danika Lam

Charity & Joshua

Charity and Joshua Wallace were determined to ring in the new year right, literally, tying the knot on January 1, 2015.

It was a beautifully sunny afternoon  in San Francisco, California with characteristic traffic on the way up to the city for our team. In the car sat Allen, first photographer for the day; Kristine, assistant photographer; and Tori, the main videographer. The three arrived at Cookhouse, the intimate venue, to start off the day with a quick photo shoot of the groom.

And then it came time to start rolling the cameras for the bride’s grand entrance. It was a truly beautiful moment, and Kristine swears she saw Joshua get a bit teary-eyed as his bride came down the aisle. Undoubtedly, she looked gorgeous, and they were both incredibly outgoing and funny.

Their ceremony was as quirky as they are. An interactive event, each of their guests gave a heartfelt speech. Now, you might be imagining hours and hours of a hundred guests giving their own speeches, but the real thing comprised of only twelve people, and the effect was intimate and special. Plus, “speech” was loosely-defined at this wedding. One guest sang a song for hers and the groom’s sister even rapped to “Ice Ice Baby” with her own lyrics.

Following the ceremony was a photo session with friends and family. The main event for photo shoots, however, was with the bride and groom alone over at the International Museum of Art. Check out some of the gorgeous photos from the museum in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

But here’s a quick, funny story for you. Being New Year’s Day, the International Museum of Art was closed to the public. It was a special connection that Joshua had that allowed us to have the photo shoot inside. However, the security guard on duty had not been made aware of the plan and the couple and our team had to convince him that they weren’t, in fact, there to rob the place. Perhaps our team doesn’t look as innocent as we thought…

Once the photo shoot was wrapped up, the couple and our team returned to Cookhouse where guests blew bubbles, hailing Charity and Joshua’s entrance. Eating and dancing commenced, and fun was had by all. The food was delicious, the company was great, and the couple was a pleasure to work with.

We are happy to have been a part of such a unique event and wish the newly-wedded couple much luck in the future. Congratulations Charity and Joshua Wallace!

Enjoy a few of the photos we took in the gallery as well as their highlight video!

Written by Danika Lam

Rochelle & Donte

Donte and Rochelle were certainly a couple with character, and their wedding party was nothing but lively. In such spirited company, this wedding was plenty of fun. In Downtown San Jose at the Corinthian Event Center, the couple tied the knot amid supportive family and friends.

Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Event Center, and the couple arrived at the venue ready for the happiest day of their lives. The bride was beautiful and ever so sweet while the groom was a sincere guy who couldn't help but have fun no matter what he was doing.

As for our own team, Allen and Felisha were on the scene taking photos (but, of course, Allen had to spend a little time manning the gimbal) while AJ Feurtado was there to lend a hand. In charge of videography, Tori and Jenny made sure to capture every moment. A little fun fact in regards to Ivory Sky Media history, Rochelle's brother (who appears in the highlight video) played "the other man" in the "?uestion Love" music video we created with Dshyne Phresh just over a year ago.

Now, after the first look and a lovely ceremony that ended with joyful cheers and a bit of dancing down the aisle, the bride, groom, and wedding party posed for some timeless photos. The Corinthian provided an epic backdrop, providing a balcony with steps inside and a classical setting with pillars outside. Scroll down to the gallery at the end of this post to check out a few of the photos!

Following the photo shoot and cocktail hour came the reception, which opened with a Grand Reveal. The newlyweds saw the ballroom fully clad in decorations for the first time. The interior was beautiful, and of course, a reception wouldn't be complete without a photo booth or a dessert table! The entire event was decorated according to the design of wedding coordinator Tony White from Extreme Elegance Events by Tony. The ambience and atmosphere were certainly enjoyed by all. When the night came to a close, the guests lit sparklers and stood on the steps outside, allowing the couple to make their final Grand Exit.

Congratulations Donte and Rochelle Sadler!

Take a look at the wedding in all its glory in the highlight video below.