Infuse Program Foundation 2015

Another year working with the Infuse Program Foundation has come to a close, and another group of entrepreneurs has been crowned the winner!

For those of you who don't know, the Infuse Program Foundation is "a non-profit organization committed to democratizing entrepreneurial education and resources in inner-city communities." High school students are brought together to learn the ins and outs of running a business, and the entire program culminates in a competition where each group pitches their own product!

This year, all the hard work took place at the Google campus, and the tech company was gracious enough to host the final night of competition: a Symposium of Ideas. Each group had their turn to own the stage and present an original product, hoping to win the favor of both the audience and the panel of judges. In the end, it was WaterSave that came out on top, with their drought-conscious shower head. Regardless of their only being one winner, however, there is no doubt that each individual student truly shined while on stage. It's impressive and humbling to see how far these kids have come.

We are honored to have attended and documented such a great event and to have created the introduction video that kicked off the night (see below). We love working with such an inspiring organization and we thank Infuse Founder AJ Thomas for allowing us to be a part of something that helps to better our community.


Written by Danika Lam

Gigamon: "The Triple Challenge"

Enlisted to create a video describing "the triple challenge" for Gigamon, the ISM team worked in collaboration with the company's Justin Tada to make it happen.

A day of shooting was spent at the Mac House Productions studio, a space we rented out to optimize our access to tools like a green screen and additional lighting equipment. A warehouse full of cinematic goodies, the studio is fully accessible and can be used to produce a wide variety of business-related videography.

Post-production took us back to our home office where we edited together the final piece (with all the graphics coming from Justin Tada).

Check out the end product (featuring Gigamon's Andy Huckridge) below. Be sure to watch it in HD.

The Triple Challenge defines the operator’s predicament to be able to deploy next generation technologies, which are made up of: IP Voice, 100Gb, and Network Virtualisation
— Justin Tada

Written by Danika Lam

A Wedding Documenter's Heaven

Seventh Heaven Vintage Rentals is a company that specializes in, well, pimping out your wedding. In all seriousness, they work personally with brides and grooms alike to furnish, decorate, and accessorize their wedding destination. To both show off their excellent style and help provide photographers with knowledge and experience, they kill two birds with one stone by hosting their Stylized Photographers Shootout. Taking place at Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, California, this year's Shootout featured guest speaker Danielle Poff and three different scenes for the guests' photographing pleasure.

As for the involvement of Ivory Sky Media, our participation was two-fold.


Cinematic Heaven

On Allen and Jenny's side of things, it was all about filming. Event coordinator and company owner Annaliza Arteaga had approached us about creating a video of the Shootout after seeing the work we'd done for Karla Randolph's What's Your Something Blue event back in May. She tasked us with producing a highlight video of sorts to capture the ins and outs of the Shootout.

So, with Allen manning the gimbal and Jenny in charge of still shots, our team got to work. Although, you could hardly call it work. The ranch was so aesthetically pleasing and everywhere you looked, there was something beautiful to see. The place simply lent itself to stunning shots. Allen was in heaven. Even with the seven hours he had there, he still says there was more to be captured

and that he'd love to see the place at sunset.

From a technical standpoint, this video features more use of the gimbal than we've ever had before. Full of motion and fast-paced, sweeping shots this video is cinematically different than anything we've really done before. On top of that, this video includes two distinct shots that involved the use of our crane. Keep your eyes open for this at 3:42 (with the couple on the couch) and at the very end at 4:06.

Overall, it was a very successful shoot. Jenny learned new things and gained experience, while Allen experimented with the gimbal. Check out the final product below and continue reading to find out about Tori and Felisha's perspective (and to see a wonderful gallery of photos!).

Photography Heat

Meanwhile, Tori and Felisha were filling the role of actual event attendees. Cameras in hand, they moved through the event in the company of other photographers.

When I asked her about how it went, the first thing Tori said was that it was "scorching hot." So, with much emphasis, I tell you that it was, indeed, extremely hot. Once we were all assured of the excessively warm temperature, she laid out how the event actually went down.

There were three "vignettes" that were basically different stations that had their own setups and couples. All the photographers were split up into small groups, and they rotated through the stations with an allotted amount of time to snap away at the couples and props. The first station was "A Luxe Outdoor Affair" featuring the engaged couple Christophe and Jennifer King. The second was "Whimsical Woodland Love" featuring yet another engaged couple: Tim

and Samantha. The last couple (in "The Hindu Blessing"), however, had never met each other before that day. Jaz Kamboj and Reena Rai (Miss South Asia) were professional models.

Tori had a great time working with all three couples, as she learned a lot about being personable with models and how to pose them in a way that seemed natural. As a self-identified videographer, she said it was interesting to have to switch into photographer mode. Her mind was telling her to film B-roll footage while, in reality, she was meant to be staging the shot with the models.

In short, our photographers were able to gain more experience with composing shots, posing the subjects of photos, and dealing with the fickle sun (the whole event was outdoors and spanned the entire day). It was a very productive experience and both Tori and Felisha were able to capture absolutely stunning photos. Take a look at the gallery  below!

Written by Danika Lam

What's Your Something Blue?

In one phrase, this year's What's Your Something Blue event was the place to be! Inside, guests were getting down on the dance floor while others enjoyed some top-shelf wine and delectable treats just outside. This was not your average bridal expo.

Our team was onsite long before the first guest arrived. Assigned to the lounge area, we set up our equipment and geared ourselves up for showtime. It hardly seemed like we'd taken the first piece of equipment out of its case before Allen was running around filming B-roll footage. At last, our new gimbal was being used on a shoot!

By 7pm, all the vendors were ready to go and the guests started to trickle in. Brides-to-be and their accompanying wedding parties hit the workshops, learning to make DIY flower headpieces and more! It was clear that both the dance floor and the workshops were the crowd-pleasers of the night, as they were super engaging and added a quirky twist to your normal bridal expo.

Over at our interviewing lounge, Tara Block, from POPSUGAR, interacted with guests on camera, asking about bridezillas, and, of course, the all-important question: what's your something blue? And for a bit of fun, Tara asked them to pick which celebrity -- Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling, Rihanna, or

Ashley Green -- they'd want at their wedding. Check out the second video below to find out who was the most popular celebrity wedding guest! Here at ISM, Allen picked Adam Levine, and Rihanna was a no-brainer for Tori. As for me, Adam would be my first choice, especially if he sang.

At the end of the day, our team had a great time. It was my first live event with Ivory Sky Media, and Alesia's as well, so it was a learning experience for the both of us. Seeing Tori and Allen in action, behind the camera or otherwise, was new and exciting. Meanwhile, Alesia and I were charged with mingling and promoting the raffle we were holding that night! So, stay tuned, because three lucky winners are in for a treat! The grand prize winner will receive free wedding videography, an engagement session, and a hair/makeup package for the shoot! Two other couples will receive an engagement session on us. Check back soon to see who won!

All the highlights of the event

Our collaboration with POPSUGAR: interviews with future and former brides, vendors, and the event coordinator herself

Some of our photos from the evening

Other vendor links of this event:

Seventh Heaven Vintage




Written by Danika Lam

Infuse: From High School Students to Entrepreneurs

Infuse Entrepreneurship: an after-school program to teach students that the "possibilities are endless" for making "the world a better place through their own ideas."

Founded by AJ Thomas, Infuse is implemented into inner-city high schools and challenges students to become professional entrepreneurs. The students are broken up into teams and each is put to the task to create their own company and product. All the hard work culminates into a full-day competition at a local business's campus where each "company" gives a sales pitch for a panel of judges. Imagine the popular show Shark Tank for the students of Andrew P. Hill High School.

Our team was involved here and there throughout the eight-week journey, contributing in a variety of ways.

As the students progressed through the program, Allen was featured as a guest speaker, sharing his knowledge on starting a company and turning it into a well-oiled machine. Tori came in to help film the CEO of each "company" for a short video that was played at the start of the competition day. It was on this day that one team was crowned the winner and another lucky team was surprised with a three-month internship here at Ivory Sky Media. Three lucky high school students will be spending their summer with our term to learn the ins and outs of photography, videography, editing, and more.

We couldn't be more excited. After watching the various teams truly put in the work to succeed, we can't wait to see what they'll do in the future. It was truly exciting to witness each student come up with their own original ideas and take on a multitude of responsibilities. Infuse Entrepreneurship was a meaningful experience for everyone involved.

The video our team shot and edited to open the day of competition

Written by Danika Lam

The Taste of Travel

The Santa Clara Convention Center was hustling and bustling at the Travel and Adventure Show 2014, showing off cultural performances, informative seminars, and even a cooking stage featuring foods from around the world. This last segment is known as The Taste of Travel Stage where different chefs play around with foods from around the world. This year, Grammy-nominated producer Prince "BlkMagic" Damons was invited to cook up one of his favorite dishes from the South. With help from singer Lenny Williams of Tower of Power, he made garlic chicken parmesan alfredo ("kind of like a chicken park blended with a chicken alfredo"). As they prepared the pasta and breaded the chicken, the duo put on a show, singing an old Tower of Power classic and even a song from the Beatles.

Our Ivory Sky Media representative on sight was Allen, who'd been asked to film some behind-the-scenes footage of Prince and his show. What was so great about this particular Taste of Travel segment was how it perfectly blended cooking and entertainment. Everyone was having fun but still learning at the same time. With Lenny singing and Prince playing his guitar, and the crowd even clapping along, a show like this had never been seen before. Prince successfully left a mark on the Travel & Adventure Show and created fun memories for all the attendees. See it for yourself in the video below.

Written by Danika Lam

Uncut Diamond Personalities

Ivory Sky Media had the pleasure of producing Series 1 of Uncut Diamond Personalities. We filmed and edited four exclusive interviews in cooperation with Lynda Haliburton of Turn & Lift.

Uncut Diamond Personalities is a series created and hosted by Lynda Haliburton that focuses on the power of "why" and the impact that your unique personality, skills, and talents can have on your life and the lives of others. Four diverse individuals are interviewed and asked to describe what makes them a "Diamond Personality." Through this series you will find something to identify with and begin focusing on your beliefs to carve out your own unique Diamond Personality!

Click here for ordering information.

Written by Danika Lam

Nimble Opens Its Doors

Here at Ivory Sky Media, we've done a lot of work with Nimble Storage in the past, providing our media services, especially with videography and editing. As a company that specializes in "flash storage solutions" based out of San Jose, they've proven to be quite a breakthrough company, and so we were delighted to document their transition to bigger and better facilities.

With special guest Mayor Chuck Reed, Nimble held a ribbon cutting ceremony (complete with giant scissors!) as an official welcome for its employees to their new offices. After a couple speeches, the Nimble employees really got down, dancing to MC Hammer to tell their competitors that they "can't touch this." There were plenty of laughs to be had and everyone had a good time. Check out all the highlights in the video below.

Written by Danika Lam

A Hero's Story

A hero in his community and an inspiration to the world, Marine Staff Sergeant Jason Ross's story is one for the books. When he bravely joined our forces and left for Afghanistan in late 2001, he could never have anticipated the challenges he would soon face. With the loss of his legs and less than a 2% percent chance of survival, Jason Ross became the epitome of perseverance. Thinking of his wife and two daughters, Ross was determined to make it home from that hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

It was for this man's story that Allen had the honor of editing together a short video that would be played in his honor at a benefit banquet hosted by the Stand Up and Play Foundation. Writing a voiceover that would later be recorded by Joe Mantegna (from Criminal Minds), Allen really got to take liberties with this video and figure out how to best tell such a touching story. When he finally saw his video playing up on the big screen at the banquet and got to meet Jason Ross himself, Allen felt truly proud of the work he'd done. Watch the story unfold in the video below.

All footage edited on behalf of, and is property of, Brandon Vaccaro. Video captured by Bokeh - Cinematic Solutions. Ivory Sky Media does not own this footage. 

Written by Danika Lam