Jennifer & Mario

Written by Tori Green

On a day where our team was split in two, myself and Mai were able to successfully capture the wedding of Jennifer and Mario in San Francisco. Mai stayed with the bride as she got ready at a spa near her apartment and I traveled to the groom where he got ready at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. The shots during their getting ready period turned out perfect as the weather was very overcast and the light shining in the windows didn't cause any issues.

Jennifer and Mario had their ceremony at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and the church was absolutely breathtaking, from the tall stained glass windows, gold-trimmed gate and lavish paintings. For someone who loves shooting b-roll, I definitely had fun filming this church. 

Mai, had the luxury of filming the couple for their glamour photo session at the Palace of Fine Arts and luckily for me she filmed all of it in sixty frames. For anyone who knows about filming knows how fun editing with 60 fps is. With the day being pretty windy, Jennifer's veil flowed in the wind so gracefully which gave us so much to work with in the editing process. 

Their reception took place back at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where they had the most extraordinary grand entrance I have ever seen. The couple was brought in by Middle Eastern dancers with drums that got everyone on their feet.

The day was filled with new experiences for both myself and Mai! We could feel the love that both Jennifer and Mario had for one another, it was all over their faces. 

Congratulations Again to Jennifer + Mario!