Mena & Amir

Written by Danika Lam

Though I've been with Ivory Sky Media for about two years now, performing all manner of tasks from creating behind-the-scenes content to keeping in touch with clients, Mena and Amir's wedding was my first wedding with the team. I'd gone on plenty of other shoots beforehand and done my fair share of leg work, but somehow amidst all of that, I hadn't attended a single wedding. Finally, it seemed it was my turn to experience all the stories of hectic schedules, enthusiastic guests, and touching moments all for myself.

With Nick and Sean as our two videographers and Erwin as lead photographer, I was on the scene as second photographer, ready to get a feel for a truly fast-paced live event. I will confirm, it's just as stressful as you might expect. Jam-packed with an endless series of traditions, weddings need to operate on pretty tight schedules, but always seem to run late. All you can do is be ready to adapt to different scenarios and last minute changes in the plans. The special moments of laughter and tenderness happen fast and if you're not on your toes, you'll miss them!

Mena and Amir were more than accommodating, however, and made it very clear that photos of their family were most important to them. With so many people to account for (they're a Persian family, after all), there was a bit of scrambling to get everyone in place, but Mena did her best to ease the process of directing which mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins she wanted in each photo. With the sunlight fading fast and very little time to work in our formal photo session, Erwin and I did the best we could. I think my biggest takeaway from the night is just how different trying to photographing twenty people at once is from only one or two at a time. Everyone seems to have their own agenda, so it's important to have confidence and take control of each situation as it develops.

It really was a beautiful night though, and I'm excited to have shot my first wedding with the Ivory Sky team. All the guests were fun and lively and Mena and Amir both looked positively stunning. The Ranch Golf Club was an intimate venue with a gorgeous wrap-around balcony overlooking San Jose sprawled out below, and the twinkling of city lights matched the stars above as the night drew to a close.

Congratulations, Mena and Amir!