Danielle & Oarantes

Written by Mai Nguyen


The weekend of Danielle and Oarantes' special day was all about weddings for me. Taking place on a Sunday, Allen, Tori, and I were fresh from another wedding shoot just the day before! Though you might think capturing back-to-back weddings is stressful, the bright side of is that I felt more confident and relaxed on Danielle's wedding day since I was already in wedding mode.

This time, I had the chance to work with the groom rather than the bride, and I think this new experience greatly contributed to my positive experience. I was able to expand my perspective and gain more insight into my job. In addition, I would like to give the groom, Oarantes, credit for helping make this wedding shoot such a blast! His personality and demeanor were just so easy going that it made my job feel like a breeze.

Aside from the client being extremely cooperative and patient, time was also on our side. Because the wedding itself was running behind schedule, our team had a lot of time to strategically plan out our placement and angles efficiently. The downside of being behind schedule, however, was that the end of the reception felt a little rushed. During the cake cutting our team had to rush to the cake, pick an angle, and just shoot. We didn't have time to communicate in full detail, we just had to go with what we thought was best in that moment. Luckily, we had the advantage of having four videographers to film this event, so at least a couple of us were bound to get something great!


Overall, I had a very pleasant experience working at Danielles and Oarantes' wedding. From witnessing their wedding day, you can tell that the two newlyweds are very much in love. Their wedding was very heartfelt and I must admit that I almost shed a tear from listening to what their wedding party had to say about the couple. I'm so excited to unveil what our team has put together for this lovely couple.

Congrats, Danielle and Oarantes!