Caroline & Dai

Written by Nicholas Troughton

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Caroline and Dai’s wedding at Nella Terra Cellars on Saturday, July 2, 2016 was an interesting challenge for our team due to the client’s request for a same day edit to showcase after the reception. This meant that Allen, who usually operates the gimbal, was limited to only shooting absolutely essential sequences as he had to spend most of the day compiling the edit. Not only were the rest of us forced to operate autonomously, we had to use our own discretion in choosing what types of shots to get and when. In short, with Allen preoccupied, the floaties were off.

Thanks to the wonderful bride and groom however, we were very well accommodated. Communication between the clients and our team, as well as communication between ourselves, was superb. There was not a single moment where we were unaware of the situation. As such, Sean, Tori, and myself were able to organize and spread out efficiently to provide maximum coverage. 

This was my first wedding using a monopod and my second using the a7s + 85mm 1.4 lens, both of which have become my preferred loadout. I absolutely love the sharpness and versatility of the 85mm, and paired with the monopod I am able to be extremely mobile and quick throughout the day. Using this set up, I’ve begun to practice capturing very brief shots - only capturing what I deem necessary in as little time as possible. Not only does this help in post-production when organizing footage, but I feel as though it has honed my sense for identifying cinematic moments. Take Caroline and Dai’s photo session for example. While Sean and Tori set up for the reception, I went off with the photographers to film out at sunset. I decided to simply hang back while the photographers did their thing and just shoot away. The result was beautifully candid clips that conveyed the intimacy of the moment. The only downside to using the monopod is that it suffers slightly during longer sequences, such as speeches or during the ceremony since it is not as still as a tripod. 

This wedding was my favorite so far. In my opinion, Allen’s preoccupation with editing allowed the rest of us to learn and grow as a team while having the opportunity to let our personal styles shine a bit. We got to lead ourselves and each other, and create a stellar edit for the lovely couple in the process.

We hope you enjoy Caroline + Dai's Same Day Edit as well as their wedding highlight completed later on!

Congratulations, Caroline and Dai!