Moneisha & Jermell


Purely by happenstance, Moneisha and Jermell tied the knot in a place near and dear to our Allen and Tori's hearts: Emmanuel Baptist Church here in San Jose. With Allen and Kristine fully absorbed in photography, Tori was responsible for all of the videography herself. As an extremely experienced shooter, Tori was more than capable to capture the wedding in its entirety. While it can be tough to cover the whole of a venue all on one's lonesome, a single videographer has the benefit of having a comprehensive vision and an overall awareness of what has been shot and what remains to be captured. As a special challenge for our one-woman videography team, Tori decided to get a little practice in with the dolly at the reception, a task made difficult by the grooves in the floor that hindered movement.

In the end, both the footage and photos our team had amassed were undeniably beautiful. It had been a wonderful event, with a pleasant surprise during the ceremony in which the groom's father unexpectedly showed up and an absolute gorgeous look to the banquet hall in which the reception took place. See a sampling of our photos, particularly from the getting ready segment, in the gallery below.

Congratulations, Moneisha and Jermell!

Written by Danika Lam