Kim & Ron

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On a lovely day in Half Moon Bay, our team of Allen, Tori, and newcomer Sean came onto the scene of Kim and Ron's wedding to capture their wedding from the ceremony onward. As Sean's first time filming a wedding with Ivory Sky Media, he had been pretty excited to see our process in practice and felt well prepared after an in-depth briefing of the game plan beforehand. He'd had plenty of experience documenting weddings before joining our team and was ready to get another one under his belt, especially one so laid back as Kim and Ron's. Without having to film the getting ready before the ceremony, he found the whole day to be a little less stressful than your typical wedding shoot. What turned about to be a pleasant surprise for him when it came to working with us was our use of walkie talkies to communicate remotely. Those little radios make coordinating that much easier, something Sean has definitely come to appreciate. His role at this specific wedding was to follow the groom during the ceremony and then to cover cocktail hour while Tori took care of b-roll at the reception and Allen handled outdoor establishing shots with the gimbal and drone.

In the end, Kim and Ron's turned out to be a beautiful yet low key wedding for Sean's first foray into ISM wedding territory. The Great Gatsby theme made for an interesting atmosphere and the playful banter sprinkled throughout all the speeches at the reception created a welcoming ambiance. The tunnel of sparklers that led the newlyweds out was a charming way to bring an end to the night.

Congratulations, Kim and Ron!

Written by Danika Lam