Charissa & BrIan

Written by Sean Niu


Every time I shoot a wedding I try to learn something new. This wedding was with a fun, energetic, young couple named Charissa and Brian in Sacramento.

Weddings happen in a heart beat, and as a videographer, you have once chance to capture the moment and that's it. In this particular case, I learned the importance of being aware of or having a backup location to shoot from in mind when filming at a venue. 

Everyone at weddings want to capture the special moments, so that means when you're filming you have hundreds of other people potentially crowding and getting into your shot. When that happens, you could just nicely ask them to move out of the shot, but sometimes you don't have that luxury. For me at this particular wedding, the couple was about to make their grand entrance into the reception. My team and I had our camera locations set and ready to cover every angle of the grand entrance. However, as at every wedding, something unexpected happened. We had been told that all the guests would be making a tunnel for the married couple to walk through. Suddenly, everyone swarmed over to the entrance and at the same time, all our camera angles were ruined. By then there wasn't a second to spare and our team couldn't just huddle up to discuss new locations. We had to quickly readjust and find new locations that still allowed us to get a good shot. We ended up getting the shot we needed to capture but it wasn't our ideal shot and some of our angles were not as flattering as they could have been. What I took away from this was a simple reminder: always know that while filming a wedding, you will most likely get blocked at some point by a guest or two (or in this case, dozens). Its a good habit to get into when you're setting up for a shot to scan around and pick a couple backup locations you can go to if need be. When you don't have time to move people out of your shots you need to know what you're going to do to still capture that special moment, because the couple is counting on you.

Congratulations, Charissa and Brian!