Liza & Chuck

Written by Mai Nguyen

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On Saturday, June 11, 2016, I was assigned to capture one of the most dearest moments of Liza and Chuck’s life. Not only did it mark a new chapter for them, but for me as well, as their marriage marked a special place in my heart as I filmed my very first wedding! Before, I had been so used to staged events, so their wedding provided a huge contrast and taking part was quite a unique experience. I was able to expand and explore different genres first hand. 

For the location of their special day, the newlyweds chose the Faculty Club at UC Berkeley because it was familiar to them and had a huge significance to their relationship. Every decision the couple had made for the event felt very intimate and symbolic. I loved it! Aside from the beautiful decor, it was hard to deny the couple’s’ chemistry. Throughout the day I would catch a glimpse of Liza sneaking an “I love you” to Chuck. We could all definitely feel the love!

While, the beginning felt a little rushed, we whizzed through the getting ready portion and then everything else fell into place. Despite having some challenges working with other vendors at first, we quickly found our rhythm and was able to work efficiently as a team. Overall, their wedding ran so smoothly that it made capturing it all that much easier. I was quite nervous and anxious to shoot my very first wedding, but Liza and Chuck made my first experience truly incredible.

Congratulations, Liza and Chuck!