Lan & Lawrence

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.08.06 PM.png

Lan and Lawrence's wedding shoot was different from most others in that we only experienced the half of it. Our newlyweds had actually tied the knot all the way in Hawaii a whole month before we entered the picture to capture their reception event at the Dynasty restaurant in East Side San Jose. While it Tori and Kristine were charged with getting shots of the decor, Allen was responsible for flying the drone outside as four hundred guests streamed into the space. A typical reception, the flood of attendees ate dinner, danced, and made use of the photo booth that had been hired. Lawrence had a very calm demeanor, carrying a pleasant smile the whole night through while Lan took charge of the situation, ensuring everyone had a good time.

What made this event particularly exciting for us was that it was our team's first shoot with the new Atomos Ninja Flame, a piece of equipment we paired with our gimbal to capture gorgeous footage in 4K quality. Allen himself is extremely excited for how the shots came out. See if you can notice the difference in their highlight below!

Congratulations, Lan and Lawrence!

Written by Danika Lam