Paulette & Joel

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Referred to us by fellow newlyweds Aimee and Richard, whose wedding we would shoot only a couple weeks after, Paulette and Joel's wedding was a quirky event in San Francisco. From our own team, it was Tori and Allen on the job, with the latter equipped with a prime lens to play around with depth of field to create cinematic shots as he documented the bride getting ready for her big day. Meanwhile, Tori followed the progress of the groom until it was time to make their way to the church for a traditional Catholic ceremony. The priest who presided over the ceremony was a funny, jolly guy who livened up the atmosphere and put a smile on everyone's face after having to wait outside in the heat for a prior wedding that had run late.

Following the ceremony, our team accompanied the couple and the photographer to the Legion of Honor to capture the bride and groom all gussied up. Just to throw in a dash of adventure for the group, they left the location and made their way to the reception by way of a trek across the adjacent golf course. Golf balls were flying, and our crew were dodging out of the way until golfers realized they were taking shots at a woman in her wedding dress.

Safely at the reception, Allen and Tori stuck to their usual roles, documenting everything from the toasts to the cake cutting. To close off the evening, the two even gave the couple's customary drink a try: the paloma, a mixture of tequila and Squirt with chili salt around the rim of the glass. It was a good night all around.

Congratulations, Paulette and Joel!

Written by Danika Lam