Lorene & Paul

Written by Allen Ross


Lorene contacted our team to take photos at her wedding and was excited that myself and Kristine answered the call. ISM had another wedding on that same day, so half the crew went to Sacramento while Kristine and I traveled to Hollister, CA. 

We arrived at the residence to a sight of a beautiful front lawn transformed into a wedding ceremony and reception, complete with decorations, tables and chairs, flowers, and hung tapestry. There was a photo booth, open bar, ornate fountain, and a perfectly blue sky with puffy clouds to top it all off.

Kristine began by taking photos of the decor and setup while I mingled with the groom and groom’s family. Once the bride arrived, Kristine took getting ready photos while I followed the groomsmen from place to place as they tried to tie their ties and track down their boutonnieres. 

Lorene was nervous about her appearance but was assured that she looked beautiful. She livened up over time and showed off a very fun and spontaneous free spirit, followed quickly by questions of “Am I messing up your photos?” Kristine and I were happy with the look and lighting of a particular outside section of the residence, and other than a lack of time, had no real obstacles for capturing family and couples portraits. 

Paul, the groom, was a cheerful, reflective gentleman throughout the day. Ultimately, Lorene and Paul’s fun attitude was on full display when “attempting” to cut the cake. They both laughed aloud, stating they didn’t know how to cut it! The guests laughed, almost in an “inside-joke” kind of way. 

For this wedding, I used an a7s with the Zeiss 24-70mm f4 as my main combo while deciding to try out an a57 with the Zeiss 135mm f1.8 combo. My a57 is cropped, so it actually gave me a ~200mm equivalent. My thought was that I could “snipe” photos from far away without being seen by guests. It turned out this combination rendered extremely shallow depth of field shots (I love this!) but was maybe slightly too “zoomed in” for my tastes. I felt myself reaching for a zoom wheel and realizing I needed to physically move backwards. For set shots and decor this was no problem, but for action shots this was almost a guarantee that I had missed the shot I initially saw. Luckily for me, things progressed at a leisurely pace throughout the day (other than the ceremony which was less than 5 minutes long!). 

As the day turned into night, I took advantage of a Metz Mecablitz flash with a Gary Fong diffuser paired with the a7s + 24mm combo. I used it in manual mode with a tungsten gel, custom white-balanced so that I could control the amount of exposure and resulting white balance. It worked well for dancing and movement to freeze action and retain crispness and detail. 

Overall, Kristine and I had a pleasant experience! 

Congratulations, Lorene and Paul!