Stephanie & Vincent

After a drastic change of plans, the lovely Vincent and Stephanie relocated their entire wedding from SoCal's Los Angeles all the way up the coast to good old San Francisco. Deciding on something short and sweet, the couple chose to host their wedding within a quaint Airbnb rental with a breathtaking ceremony atop the roof. Despite it being a ridiculously windy day (the arch beneath which the couple was married even fell over before the ceremony), everyone made it work. Friends and family filled the rooftop terrace and the setting made for quite an intimate event. To match the minimal crowd of guests, our video team was proportionately small, consisting of Allen and Tori alone. Together, they made a point to capture the tasteful decorations inside and making use of the venue's beautiful staircase, which the groom insisted be a key component within the video. While the staircase itself ended up being far too narrow to fit the bride, Allen, and the gimbal, our team still walked away with a gorgeous sequence of Stephanie making her way up the stairs to meet her prince.

With a few toasts accompanied by champagne and a little excursion to Crissy Field at the Presidio for some stunning shots with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, Stephanie and Vincent's special day drew to a close. See how adorable it all was in their highlight video below!

Congratulations, Vincent and Stephanie!

Written by Danika Lam