Teresa & Gabriel

From the day they first met and salsa danced together in Teresa's office, both Gabriel and Tere knew they had found their dance partner for life.

Tere and Gabriel’s relationship grew stronger with each salsa dancing date and annual retreat to Big Sur, and after almost two years of dating, Gabriel proposed to Teresa in Ojai, CA on April 12, 2014. Having had incredible memories of their times spent at Big Sur, the couple decided it only made sense to finally bring their families together, surrounded by the coastal Redwoods, as they declared their love for one another in marriage.

As the ISM team made the drive to Big Sur, the team wanted to make sure they captured the beautiful Highway 1 coastline, knowing that Tere and Gabriel treasured the location and their adventures in nature. But as stunning as the scenic drive was, the treacherous cliffside kept Tori and Allen in the car since they were afraid of heights, and they let Kristine film some of the beautiful views at each vista point instead.

Upon arrival to the location, the team was enthralled by the crisp fresh air of the landscape and the weather was wonderful - under the shade of the trees or any nearby buildings that is! It was a day filled with first, even for Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Amphitheater, since Teresa and Gabriel were the first newlyweds to marry since its completion. 

As the days festivities continued, Teresa and Gabriel hoped their wedding would not only show the love they shared with each other, but the love they also shared with their friends and family. During the glamorous photo shoot, Kristine noted that the couple wasn't just adorable, they were disgustingly cute as she was able to capture their Eskimo kisses to one another - how sweet! 

As the ISM team began to gather the wedding party together they noticed a familiar face, Tristan Vizconde Cheesman, Gabriel's Bestman - Lorna's brother - from Lorna and Jaime's wedding. Kristine and Tori were both able to gather everyone for a fun mini-adventure by the stream.

Once the ceremony began it was Gabriel’s mother who first recited a poem by Helen Steiner Rice that truly fit the love that this couple not only had for each other but for life itself:
                                                              Love is like magic and it always will be…  
                                                          Love is the language that every heart speaks
                                                        For Love is the one thing that every heart seeks!

With sweet reactions from the entire party, the love was clearly felt throughout. 

Once it came around for the reception, which was held at the Big Sur Lodge located a short stroll away from the ceremony, the celebration really began. The Father - Daughter and Mother - Son dances, were slow dances, but the lovely couple SALSA danced together as Mr. and Mrs. Taime!

Congratulations to Teresa and Gabriel, the ISM Team wishes you guys nothing but the best in your love and great salsa dancing!

Written by Olivia Azevedo