Jessica & Aldo

As the sun rose on Saturday, June 27, over the City of San Francisco, Jessica and Aldo would be making the biggest commitment of their lives, not only to love another person wholeheartedly, but to stand by each others' side through thick and thin.  We first met the lovely bride last year at Blanca and Chris' wedding since Jessica was a part of the bridal party. Now the tables have turned, making it Jessica and Aldo's turn to say "I do".  

Love is truly a commitment, through the hard times and the good times.  While Allen and Jennie took video of the ladies getting ready, he noticed Jessica's look of determination that every woman has after finally finding the love of their lives. On the other side,Tori followed the groom and his party while they prepared at the Inn at the Presidio. Aldo presented his groomsmen with a little speech and a gift of gratitude for sharing this momentous occasion with him. 

The wedding was a great opportunity to work with Stacey Pentland Photography again and their pictures were stunning, so make sure to check out her blog on Jessica and Aldo's wedding.  Her crew and herself made sure to capture all of the meaningful moments of the evening.

Jessica was stunning in her sweetheart neckline with ruffles on the bottom flaring out at her every step. Once she and her bridesmaid party were finished, some of the groomsmen stopped by to deliver a special package from her husband-to-be.  Aldo gifted Jessica a book and jewelry, while Jessica surprised Aldo with a Gucci watch and a PS4. 

During the ceremony, it was an honor to have the opportunity to stand on the platform as the couple said their vows at the Mission Dolores Catholic Church.  Following the ceremony the newlyweds became more and more relaxed as the group went to take pictures at the cable cars in San Francisco when Jessica decided to photobomb Aldo with his groomsmen. 

Aside from being included in another magnificent wedding, the ISM team accomplished the task of maneuvering around San Francisco and back to Pleasanton all during Pride weekend. All the running around from location to location was all put together by not only the bride and groom, but also with the help from Cierra Lockwood and her team at Dreams on a Dime.  

The reception took place at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, CA where guests were greeted by delicious drinks, a live mariachi band, and a stunning venue.  It was not until the much anticipated garter toss that Allen, Tori and Jennie encountered a moment very rare in weddings. As Aldo showed off some of his provocative dance moves prior to his search for the garter, the single men crowded together joking about who would be the “unlucky” guy to catch it. Garter in hand, the crowd counted to three and the garter sailed through the room and was unexpectedly caught by Jessica's brother! At first filled with excitement, it took a moment for Jessica’s brother to process what he had caught, and quickly dropped the garter with a pale disturbed expression. 

On behalf of the ISM team, we would like to wish this couple many years of love and happiness. Congratulations Jessica and Aldo!

Allen was able to capture these amazing moments using our Gimbal, which allowed for the seamless flow of movement.  Tori used a7's and the Tascam DR-07 to catch the video and audio while Jennie used a57 to capture the moments with the bride getting ready and the instances that followed at the reception.

Written by Olivia Azevedo