Lorna & Jaime

Thanks to Cliff, one of our editors, we were fortunate enough to meet this lovely couple: newlyweds Lorna and Jaime. As former coworkers, Cliff tipped the bride about our company and after taking a look at our past work, Lorna contacted us about filming her own wedding.

Fast forward to the wedding day, and our team found themselves in Monterey, California, ready to capture one of the best days of Lorna and Jaime's lives.

The day began with Allen and Jenny in the executive suite with the bride while Tori and Frank captured the groom's morning routine. As Lorna had her makeup done and stepped into her dress, Jaime slipped into his jacket and did up his tie. And in between each action, the two would call each other on the phone, sharing such a special moment despite being physically apart.

Everything was going smoothly, until it was

time to head to the church. Earlier in the morning, the team had put the equipment for the ceremony in their hotel room for convenience. But as the bridal party packed into the party bus to be zipped away, Allen and Jenny returned to the room to pick up the equipment. And of course, their key didn't work. In a hectic scramble, they finally got an employee from the front desk to open the door, and the two made it to the church in the nick of time.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful, traditional affair. Lorna and Jaime said their "I-dos" in the presence of their loving families and, the wedding would not have been complete without the cord, veil, and communion. All the while, Jaime's mother was present in spirit, granting her blessing to the couple.

Once the ceremony was over, it was time for some fun. Tori and Frank headed back to the Marriott to capture cocktail hour while Allen and Jenny followed the couple across town with the photographer leading the way. It was a sunny day outside, and Monterey seemed ready to welcome the new Lorna and Jaime Aguilar. As Lorna made her way through the streets clad in her wedding dress, cars honked and bells rang, helping the couple celebrate.

After the photo shoot, everyone was reunited for the

reception at the hotel. Upon stepping into the room, the theme of the night was evident: Raiders. From Raiders table settings to a Raiders garter, the event was decked out in Oakland style.

In regards to filming, Tori stepped up to the plate and took charge. With Allen feeling under the weather, Tori made sure everything that needed to be captured (especially the speeches) was accounted for. Allen took care of gimbal shots, getting the grand entrance of the bridal party and all the dances.

A real highlight of the reception was definitely the slideshow. Photos of the couple and their family members brought the whole room together and it became clear how caring Lorna and Jaime are. In fact, their whole family is comprised of kind, generous people and they were a pleasure to work with. Lorna's mother's determination to cook food for our office is just one of the many exhibitions of their family's hospitality. We wish them all the best of luck.

Congratulations, Lorna and Jaime!

Written by Danika Lam