USFC Info Night @ SJSU

To view the USFC Info Night FALL 2014 footage, click here.

What an experience!

USFC Info Night is a night where the fraternities and sororities of the United Sorority and Fraternity Council come together to show other students what their organization is all about. It is also a night where many of the organizations feature their newest members.

While brainstorming for different ways to capture an audience, I brought up to Allen how networking with fraternities and sororities would be beneficial to us and to the organizations themselves. Being an alumna of Sigma Theta Psi, a sorority on the San Jose State campus, I understood the needs for the type of services we offer. I mentioned to him that going to USFC Info Night, would help put our name out there to these organizations as a go-to for media services. 

The night went on without a hitch! It was filled with performances and so much energy from all the organizations. Allen and I were so excited about the event that we decided to take pictures and shoot video. We IMMEDIATELY put together the pictures and edited an exciting highlight video for the students to enjoy over and over again. As a result of our hard work, other organizations came to us for footage from their own performance of the night. 

Check out all the photos we took below! Save them by right-clicking and choosing "save image" or drag the ones you want to your desktop.

Written by Tori Green