The Taste of Travel

The Santa Clara Convention Center was hustling and bustling at the Travel and Adventure Show 2014, showing off cultural performances, informative seminars, and even a cooking stage featuring foods from around the world. This last segment is known as The Taste of Travel Stage where different chefs play around with foods from around the world. This year, Grammy-nominated producer Prince "BlkMagic" Damons was invited to cook up one of his favorite dishes from the South. With help from singer Lenny Williams of Tower of Power, he made garlic chicken parmesan alfredo ("kind of like a chicken park blended with a chicken alfredo"). As they prepared the pasta and breaded the chicken, the duo put on a show, singing an old Tower of Power classic and even a song from the Beatles.

Our Ivory Sky Media representative on sight was Allen, who'd been asked to film some behind-the-scenes footage of Prince and his show. What was so great about this particular Taste of Travel segment was how it perfectly blended cooking and entertainment. Everyone was having fun but still learning at the same time. With Lenny singing and Prince playing his guitar, and the crowd even clapping along, a show like this had never been seen before. Prince successfully left a mark on the Travel & Adventure Show and created fun memories for all the attendees. See it for yourself in the video below.

Written by Danika Lam