"The Truth" by Janelle LaSalle (Official Music Video)

We handled "The Truth!"

Allen and myself were so happy to be a part of Bay Area artist, Janelle LaSalle's video shoot for her upcoming single, "The Truth," produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Prince "BlkMagic" Damons.

I had a lot of fun on this video shoot, especially since it was the first one for myself. There were many different aspects of it that were new to me when it came to lighting, focusing, and shooting subjects that weren't stationary. One of my biggest challenges was how were we going to make the club scene appear dark when it was actually eleven o'clock in the morning. Allen was brilliant in this aspect because he positioned the lighting to where it was primarily shown on the subjects and turned down the exposure of the shot to make it appear darker in post.

We shot in several different locations, a nightclub, a bedroom, a car, and a recording studio. And unbelievably we captured all the footage in one day! 

The previous day Allen and I wanted to test out a technique we came up with for the video. The technique shown below is where we used two LED lights behind Janelle and blacked out everything else, creating somewhat of a silhouette. It was an absolute success and became one of our favorite scenes to shoot.

Janelle was so easy to work with and very good at taking direction. We can't wait to work with her again.

Written by Tori Green

Directed by Prince "BlkMagic" Damons
Produced by IvorySky Media Co.
D.O.P, Camera, Video, Editing, and Color Grading by Allen Ross and Tori Green for IvorySky Media Co.
Executive Producer : Valerie Saunders
Assistant: Clay Bandy
Make-up: Kerri Payton
Location Manager: Erica James
Artist and Lead Actor: Janelle LaSalle
Lead Male Actor: Aneet Singh