Cindy & Marvin

My good friends Cindy and Marvin are married! This was a beautiful wedding that took place in Palo Alto, CA at San Thomas Aquinas. It was a beautiful day with an amazing reception of performers, dancers, singers, toasts, and awesome music..

Tori and I filmed the day starting with the First Look... Cindy and Marvin greeted in the lobby of the hotel, along with the bridal party, and headed to Elizabeth F Gamble Flower Garden. Talented photographer Mark Sebastian took amazing pictures... the pictures you see above are those I snapped quickly between shooting video and don't compare to Mark's amazing shots...

After the First Look, Tori and I pulled Marvin aside to film a short on camera testimonial for our highlight video. I wasn't sure what he would say, and once I started rolling footage it became apparent that he didn't know what he would say either. His raw emotion and tears meant more than words as he began to speak to his bride to be. I knew after capturing this speech that it would be a great surprise introduction to the highlight video for Cindy.

Overall this day lasted well into the night with the traditional Catholic ceremony and reception at the Crowne Plaza. It was here that the guests were awed with the sheer number of amazing singers and dancers... Cindy being a salsa dancer and fan of music herself had invited nationally ranked salsa dancers and award winning singers. The bride even decided to break dance at one point during the festivities!

Because it holds the status as the first full wedding shoot I've completed, I have a great sense of awe and gratefulness for this event. Technically I learned a lot of skills that I use daily. Emotionally I had to fight back tears at some tender moments in order to focus on my task of capturing footage. Physically I learned that I need to stay in shape and wear comfortable shoes!!! I didn't eat any food the entire duration of the wedding shoot (11 hours) and I had to wake up the next day at 6am!

Overall I love to show the highlight video to anyone who will watch it and hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed filming it.

Written by Allen Ross