"?uestion Love" by Dshyne Phresh (Official Music Video)

"I put my trust in you, I gave it all to you..."

Ivory Sky Media's Allen and Tori had the pleasure of working with Bay Area artist Dshyne Phresh on his latest music video: "?uestion Love". An all day experience, our team had such a fun time with this shoot, as everyone involved was already good friends. The leading lady in the video was played by Chardé Walker, Tori's sorority sister while the "other man" in the video was played by Derek's (Dshyne Phresh) best friend Joseph Frederick. Even Tori herself was featured in the video: you can catch her at the end rolling up in the Escalade, toting a glass of "champagne" (which was really apple cider).

The day started just before noon at Tori's house where Tori's cousin, Toni Cisneros, did the girls' hair and makeup. It was different for Chardé to be wearing so much makeup, but she took it in stride, and after two hours, the girls were ready to hit the runway!


So after "forever" (according to Allen) getting primped and beautified, the team drove to Santa Clara Central Park and the cameras started rolling. This was where all the scenes from "the past" were filmed, with additional shots of Derek rapping along to the track. It was such a gorgeous day for filming and at one point, a few kids came up to watch Allen and Tori operate the cameras. They were filled with questions. "What's he doing? Who's that?" they asked in reference to Derek. "Is he famous?"

Once they were all wrapped up at the park, everything was packed up and moved to the parking structure on 4th Street in Downtown San Jose. It was time for the night shots atop the garage. Thanks to Tori's initiative for planning ahead, the University Police Department (from SJSU) were well aware of the shoot and were on the lookout for any random wanderers that might interfere with the video. The team had the rooftop all to themselves.

And it was here that they really had some fun. Chardé and Derek had to get all riled up for the "fight" scene, and as one might expect, it was hilarious to see Chardé really get into character. It was hand-waving, pointing, and shouting galore. Allen and Tori couldn't stop laughing, and they even worried that the authorities might show up for disrupting the peace. Even Derek couldn't stop smiling despite the fact that he was supposed to be having a heated argument. Beyond that, there was plenty more fun in store for our team. No shoot would be complete without at least one thing going wrong. This time, the battery of the white Lexus died. They had to jumpstart the car and then get right back to filming. Speaking of which, while Tori wasn't acting in the video itself, she was behind the camera shooting. Believe it or not, she did this while still clad in her tight dress and six-inch heels. It's hard enough just to walk around in an outfit like that. Imagine having to run around filming, trying to get different angles, in heels that high.

In the end, however, our team couldn't be more pleased with the experience and the finished product. The shoot didn't end until 1:00 in the morning, but it was well worth it and everyone walked away proud of what they'd accomplished. And of course, we hope you enjoy the video!

Written by Danika Lam