Karen + Luis

Written by Tori Green

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Diehard San Francisco Giants fans, Karen and Luis got married at the beautiful Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek, the bride fell in love with the beautiful pond which was a gorgeous focal point in her ceremony. Their entire wedding was SF Giants themed from the up lighting the reception down to the groom's ring itself. 

This wedding was the last wedding of our wedding season and we had a blast filming it. Allen, used the DJI Ronin for the stunning motion shots and the DJI Phantom for the glorious aerial shots, while myself and Mai used our Sony a7S's to capture the key moments and Giants themed decorations.

It was a pleasure filming Karen and Luis on their special day! Check out all the amazing footage we captured from their special day below!

Also, check out some of the AMAZING vendors we had the privilege of working with.

Lighting + Photo Booth: Deejay Pros

Wedding Officiant: Juan Ruvalcaba

Make Up Artist: Sophia Lising

Hair Stylists: Omar and Cristian

Florists: Garcia Events

DJ: DJ Junior

Bakery: Cake Epressions U Had Me At Cake

Photographer: Javier Leddy

Bryan + Miranda

Written by Tori Green


Miranda and Bryan were married in Downtown San Jose at the historic Hotel De Anza amongst their friends and family. Myself and Allen were on hand to film their special day. This couple emulated love every time they looked at one another and all their guests can attest to that. Throughout the day whether it was the toasts from the maid of honor and best man, comments from the officiant, or their family, everyone was so excited to finally witness the union of Bryan and Miranda. Their wedding day was beautiful and we're honored to have been chosen to film their day. 

Congratulations again to Miranda and Bryan!

Click below to check out some of the highlights from their special day!

Jennifer & Mario

Written by Tori Green

On a day where our team was split in two, myself and Mai were able to successfully capture the wedding of Jennifer and Mario in San Francisco. Mai stayed with the bride as she got ready at a spa near her apartment and I traveled to the groom where he got ready at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in Union Square. The shots during their getting ready period turned out perfect as the weather was very overcast and the light shining in the windows didn't cause any issues.

Jennifer and Mario had their ceremony at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and the church was absolutely breathtaking, from the tall stained glass windows, gold-trimmed gate and lavish paintings. For someone who loves shooting b-roll, I definitely had fun filming this church. 

Mai, had the luxury of filming the couple for their glamour photo session at the Palace of Fine Arts and luckily for me she filmed all of it in sixty frames. For anyone who knows about filming knows how fun editing with 60 fps is. With the day being pretty windy, Jennifer's veil flowed in the wind so gracefully which gave us so much to work with in the editing process. 

Their reception took place back at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel where they had the most extraordinary grand entrance I have ever seen. The couple was brought in by Middle Eastern dancers with drums that got everyone on their feet.

The day was filled with new experiences for both myself and Mai! We could feel the love that both Jennifer and Mario had for one another, it was all over their faces. 

Congratulations Again to Jennifer + Mario!

Jennifer & Jennifer

Written by Tori Green

Jennifer and Jennifer or "The Jens" as they coined themselves, were referred to us by our former admin (and wedding DJ), Monique Coquilla. We are so happy they chose Ivory Sky Media as their videographers because the day was so much fun and the brides were awesome to film. We tried many different things technically including filming many of their moments in sixty frames (so we can use slow mo) and using the drone to capture the beautiful downtown Pleasanton area. The couple said "I Do" at the simple yet brewery style Gastropub in Pleasanton and the atmosphere couldn't have been more perfect for them. 

We want to thank "The Jens" for choosing us as their videography team and wish them many many years!


Please check out the video below to share in many of the amazing moments from Jennifer and Jennifer's big day!

Jenalyn & Johnny

Written by Tori Green

Jenalyn and Johnny's wedding was one of the four weddings the team had done in a span of two days on Labor Day weekend, but due to great planning ahead of time, we were able to pull it off successfully. Jenalyn and Johnny got married in Oakland, CA in a beautiful DIY-themed wedding at the Metropolitan Golf Links. Sean and I were able to capture the beauty of the day and not to mention the gorgeous sunset during photo session. The love the couple have for each other was magical as they were so happy to see one another during their first look. 

We were able to capture their somewhat traditional Catholic ceremony at golden hour on the golf course which was definitely a treat for us and the photographers. The love surrounding the couple was evident throughout the day and was featured heavily in their highlight.

Congratulations again from Ivory Sky Media to the new Mr. + Mrs. Johnny Arcibal!

Take a look below to relive Jenalyn and Johnny's special moments

Cindy & Matthew

Written by Tori Green

Cindy and Matthew got married on a gorgeous day in September at Saratoga Springs in Saratoga, CA, due to their love for caping and being in the great outdoors. Ivory Sky Media was on hand to film and photograph their special day! Our team included two photographers and two videographers to cover everything from their special moments to their adorable figurines atop their wedding cake. Matthew, who is from England had only a few family members to share in on his special day, but his father who also stood in as his Best Man made sure he knew that his family members across the pond were thinking of him.

Cindy, was fun to work with and we were able to capture her big personality and smile throughout the entire day. When Matthew gazed upon her the first time, right away you can see the love they have for each other. They really are a perfect match!

Erwin, our main photographer for the day was able to capture both the bride and groom along with their bridal party in the thick of the great outdoors, capturing the huge California Redwoods and the creek that ran along the campground. 

We definitely enjoyed shooting their day and actually would like to thank them for supplying ourselves and our CEO, Allen the absolutely delicious popcorn that we know order in bulk here at the office. 

We at Ivory Sky Media would like to congratulate Cindy + Matthew on their marriage and wish them nothing but the best!

Check out all of Cindy and Matthew's special moments in the photos and their highlight video below!



Liz & Dylan

Written by Tori Green

We loved the vintage vibe this couple gave us, not to mention just how fun they were to film. Liz and Dylan got married in a small Catholic church they attend in Burlingame and had their reception at the stunning Kohl Mansion. The architecture of the building was so elegant which fit with the style of the entire wedding. 

Relive some of the moments of Liz and Dylan's wedding day below in their vintage feel highlight!

Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Hurder!

Larissa & Ryan

Written by Tori Green

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Larissa + Ryan were so adorable to film! They're high school sweethearts who got married in beautiful South Lake Tahoe at the Aston Lakeland Village Resort, which I heard was their favorite place. And what better place to get married then at the place you love. They had a small ceremony on the beach where Allen was able to get some amazing drone footage and we were on hand to capture sweet moments between Ryan and his mother right before he said "I Do!" 

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Ryan and Larissa read their own vows to one another as they became man and wife. While I paid close attention on filming the bride's reaction and Sean filmed the groom's, we knew we captured some touching moments. 

As an editor, I had the pleasure of creating their highlight and let me say, Allen did an absolute AMAZING job with the gimbal capturing Ryan + Larissa on the pier and the beach. It definitely made for some epic shots in showcasing their special day! 

Congratulations again to Ryan + Larissa!

Sharonda & Christopher

Written by Tori Green

Sharonda + Chris Samples-25.jpg

What a couple!

It all started at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, CA, and that venue itself is a sight to see. Erwin and Allen were photographers for the day, while myself and Mai were the videographers of the day. It's definitely always fun when we do both photo and video for an event because we get to be so much more creative than normal and have more time with the bride and groom to capture the most special and important moments. Capturing the moments was particularly easy because Sharonda and Chris were so photogenic as well as being completely in love with each other (this usually makes our job really easy). 

The day went by rather smoothly with the only "hiccup" being that it was extremely hot, so filming the venue shots was a little difficult as it was so hot! But besides that, it was definitely a fun time shooting. I had the pleasure of working with Erwin when Chris arrived for his "getting ready" photos and candid video shots. Chris was fun to work with as he was definitely "camera ready." His boys were no different. Myself and Erwin were able to collaborate on what we wanted Chris to do and to get the absolute perfect lighting and right shots that would make the guys look like movie stars. 

Shooting the ceremony and reception decor would have to be one of my favorite thing to do because I get to use so many different techniques with the camera. I'm able to get tight shots of the flowers, candle flames, gems, or any other fine detail shots as well as pans, stationary shots and rack focuses. I do the same for the reception making sure to capture every small detail in the room including a more broad perspective. 

I definitely have to say it was a joy working with this gorgeous couple and working with my team to capture their special day!

Congratulations again, Mr. + Mrs. Christopher + Sharonda Frazier!

Also take a moment to check out some of the amazing vendors who helped make Sharonda and Chris' day memorable:

Venue: Palm Event Center

Event Planner: Vanessa Saenz

DJ: DJ Just-In

Chair Rentals: Lynn's Wedding Services

Dance Floor: Pleasanton Rentals

Linens: Napa Valley Linens

Photo Booth: Night Owl Photo Booth

Officiant: Billy Dixon, Sr.

Caroline & Dai

Written by Nicholas Troughton

20161005-Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 11.13.41 AM.jpg

Caroline and Dai’s wedding at Nella Terra Cellars on Saturday, July 2, 2016 was an interesting challenge for our team due to the client’s request for a same day edit to showcase after the reception. This meant that Allen, who usually operates the gimbal, was limited to only shooting absolutely essential sequences as he had to spend most of the day compiling the edit. Not only were the rest of us forced to operate autonomously, we had to use our own discretion in choosing what types of shots to get and when. In short, with Allen preoccupied, the floaties were off.

Thanks to the wonderful bride and groom however, we were very well accommodated. Communication between the clients and our team, as well as communication between ourselves, was superb. There was not a single moment where we were unaware of the situation. As such, Sean, Tori, and myself were able to organize and spread out efficiently to provide maximum coverage. 

This was my first wedding using a monopod and my second using the a7s + 85mm 1.4 lens, both of which have become my preferred loadout. I absolutely love the sharpness and versatility of the 85mm, and paired with the monopod I am able to be extremely mobile and quick throughout the day. Using this set up, I’ve begun to practice capturing very brief shots - only capturing what I deem necessary in as little time as possible. Not only does this help in post-production when organizing footage, but I feel as though it has honed my sense for identifying cinematic moments. Take Caroline and Dai’s photo session for example. While Sean and Tori set up for the reception, I went off with the photographers to film out at sunset. I decided to simply hang back while the photographers did their thing and just shoot away. The result was beautifully candid clips that conveyed the intimacy of the moment. The only downside to using the monopod is that it suffers slightly during longer sequences, such as speeches or during the ceremony since it is not as still as a tripod. 

This wedding was my favorite so far. In my opinion, Allen’s preoccupation with editing allowed the rest of us to learn and grow as a team while having the opportunity to let our personal styles shine a bit. We got to lead ourselves and each other, and create a stellar edit for the lovely couple in the process.

We hope you enjoy Caroline + Dai's Same Day Edit as well as their wedding highlight completed later on!

Congratulations, Caroline and Dai!

Jessica Anderson - Rule The World

Written by Tori Green

Ivory Sky Media had the privilege to work with up and coming artist, Jessica Anderson,  "Jessica Lá Rel." Our shoot was a span of two separate days, both taking place on the Stanford campus. We used so many different techniques on this shoot, including the Defy g5 Gimbal, the Atomos Ninja Flame, and of course our trusty a7s cameras. We shot in several locations on campus with the main location being the CCRMA building. We took advantage of the beautiful architecture in the front of the building with Jessica's solo shots. And although not every shot was used, we definitely had a lot to choose from in the editing process.

It was great working with Jessica on this project and we wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. 

For information about Jessica, check out her website Jessica Lá Rel and her new EP "Four Freedoms."

Danielle & Oarantes

Written by Mai Nguyen


The weekend of Danielle and Oarantes' special day was all about weddings for me. Taking place on a Sunday, Allen, Tori, and I were fresh from another wedding shoot just the day before! Though you might think capturing back-to-back weddings is stressful, the bright side of is that I felt more confident and relaxed on Danielle's wedding day since I was already in wedding mode.

This time, I had the chance to work with the groom rather than the bride, and I think this new experience greatly contributed to my positive experience. I was able to expand my perspective and gain more insight into my job. In addition, I would like to give the groom, Oarantes, credit for helping make this wedding shoot such a blast! His personality and demeanor were just so easy going that it made my job feel like a breeze.

Aside from the client being extremely cooperative and patient, time was also on our side. Because the wedding itself was running behind schedule, our team had a lot of time to strategically plan out our placement and angles efficiently. The downside of being behind schedule, however, was that the end of the reception felt a little rushed. During the cake cutting our team had to rush to the cake, pick an angle, and just shoot. We didn't have time to communicate in full detail, we just had to go with what we thought was best in that moment. Luckily, we had the advantage of having four videographers to film this event, so at least a couple of us were bound to get something great!


Overall, I had a very pleasant experience working at Danielles and Oarantes' wedding. From witnessing their wedding day, you can tell that the two newlyweds are very much in love. Their wedding was very heartfelt and I must admit that I almost shed a tear from listening to what their wedding party had to say about the couple. I'm so excited to unveil what our team has put together for this lovely couple.

Congrats, Danielle and Oarantes!

Mena & Amir

Written by Danika Lam

Though I've been with Ivory Sky Media for about two years now, performing all manner of tasks from creating behind-the-scenes content to keeping in touch with clients, Mena and Amir's wedding was my first wedding with the team. I'd gone on plenty of other shoots beforehand and done my fair share of leg work, but somehow amidst all of that, I hadn't attended a single wedding. Finally, it seemed it was my turn to experience all the stories of hectic schedules, enthusiastic guests, and touching moments all for myself.

With Nick and Sean as our two videographers and Erwin as lead photographer, I was on the scene as second photographer, ready to get a feel for a truly fast-paced live event. I will confirm, it's just as stressful as you might expect. Jam-packed with an endless series of traditions, weddings need to operate on pretty tight schedules, but always seem to run late. All you can do is be ready to adapt to different scenarios and last minute changes in the plans. The special moments of laughter and tenderness happen fast and if you're not on your toes, you'll miss them!

Mena and Amir were more than accommodating, however, and made it very clear that photos of their family were most important to them. With so many people to account for (they're a Persian family, after all), there was a bit of scrambling to get everyone in place, but Mena did her best to ease the process of directing which mothers, fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins she wanted in each photo. With the sunlight fading fast and very little time to work in our formal photo session, Erwin and I did the best we could. I think my biggest takeaway from the night is just how different trying to photographing twenty people at once is from only one or two at a time. Everyone seems to have their own agenda, so it's important to have confidence and take control of each situation as it develops.

It really was a beautiful night though, and I'm excited to have shot my first wedding with the Ivory Sky team. All the guests were fun and lively and Mena and Amir both looked positively stunning. The Ranch Golf Club was an intimate venue with a gorgeous wrap-around balcony overlooking San Jose sprawled out below, and the twinkling of city lights matched the stars above as the night drew to a close.

Congratulations, Mena and Amir!